ZenCart On XOOPS v1.35 Released!


S-page announce ZenCart On XOOPS (ZOX) v1.35 to be released to the public.
Whats New In ZOX v1.35 * Applied Security Patch v138 20090619
* Added an infomation for change of admin directory in readme.
Whats Is ZOXIt is the module which can display Zen-Cart on XOOPS.
Zen-Cart is an open source application for e-commerce.

Zen-Cart is a standalone software, but ZOX customized it for modules of XOOPS.
This module does the work of shopping cart and can build a flexible online shop because other splendid modules of XOOPS work as other contents (community).

More infomation and Download is here.http://www.s-page.net/products/74.htmlonline demohttp://demo-zox.s-page.net/

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