Mastop Publish


Mastop Publish (download):

Mastop Publish is a new concept in content management for XOOPS sites, following the standards of OO development, facilitating the inclusion of new resources. A revolution in the disposal of menu and submenu blocks, that is total configurable, besides the new system of files management, flash animations, images and videos. Features * Visual Editor (TinyMCE) * Integration with Xoops Image Library * File Manager * Media Manager * YouTube Plugin * ExclusivePlugin for Keywords for Dynamic Content * Plugin to use the visual editor for the entire site * Exclusive Administration Area * Exclusive Menus / Submenus system * Pageviews Control * Page Title and Menu Text in Separated Fields * Individual Access Permissions * Menu Text at the URL * Navigation Bar at the the Top of Pages * Links to Related Pages * Page visibilty Control * IFrames Support (Inline Frames) * HTML Page Manager * "Recommend to a friend" and "Print" system configurable * Exclusive Block Management * 3 Types of Configurable Menus * Exclusive Color Picker * Exclusive Security Control for Comments * Highlight System for Researched Terms * Authors Control * Clone Blocks and Pages


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