xoBile (XOOPS Mobile) [v1.2 RTT]


Name: xoBileVersion: 1.2 [RTT] (RTT = Ready To Test)Release: 13-12-2009
New in this version:1. Added WURFL based detection/redirection
2. Added Simple / Advanced style switch (Not in use yet)
3. Added class function to check permissions
4. Added permission check in system plugin
5. Added permission check in index.php
6. Added a temporary user page (Will be replaced by profile plugin)
Requirements:- XOOPS 2.4*
- PHP 5 *
Installation:- You can simply install this module as a standard XOOPS module.
Upgrade from xoBile v0.9x:1. Uninstall the old fresh from the module through XOOPS Administration;
2. Remove the old version of the module of the server (eg via FTP);
3. Upload the latest version of the module;
4. Install the new version of the module through XOOPS administration.
Upgrade from xoBile v1.0:1. Overwrite all the old files with the new one;
2. Update the module in the XOOPS module administration.
Support:- Requests: http://www.dylian.eu/forum/index.php?topic_id=9- Bug reports: http://www.dylian.eu/forum/index.php?topic_id=7DEMO: http://www.dylian.eu/modules/xobile (Dutch)DOWNLOAD: http://www.dylian.eu/downloads/xoops.modules/xobile-RTT
* NOTE: This module is "Ready To Test" so there is a higher chance that it contains bugs.

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