xoBile (XOOPS Mobile) [v1.0 RTU]


This module allows you to show your XOOPS website on a mobile phone. (If there are plugins available for the modules you use)
Name: xoBileVersion: 1.0 [RTU] (RTU? click [HERE] for more info)Release: 18/11/2009
New in this version: 1. Only the About, d3forum, index, news and TDMDownloads plugins are included whitin the module package.
2. All plugins are updated to use XOOPS functions where possible.
3. Plugins can now be managed and arranged through the administration section of xoBile.
Requirements: - XOOPS 2.4* (The module could also work** on XOOPS 2.3*, but it is not tested)
- PHP 5 * (The module could also work on PHP 4.3*, but it is not tested)
Installation: - You can simply install this module as a standard XOOPS module.
Upgrade: 1. Uninstall the old fresh from the module through XOOPS Administration;
2. Remove the old version of the module of the server (eg via FTP);
3. Upload the latest version of the module;
4. Install the new version of the module through XOOPS administration.

- If you have questions, comments or requests you can place them on the forums on my website. (You can post in English, although the forum is Dutch)
* NOTE: This module is "Ready To Use" but this does not mean that it can't contain bugs.
** NOTE: The automatic forwarding of mobile phones does NOT work on XOOPS 2.3 *!

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