Japanese Entertainment Site


Hey, everyone! Today, I brought my new website: an entertainment news Web site, it just created, using Maitsco free style, when I found this free style, I would love it.Japanese Entertainment
[img align=left width=468]http://www.japan3.cn/images/www_japan3_cn.jpg[/img]

The site is running on Xoops 2.3.3.

List of used modules:
article 1.0
TAG 2.3
Tools 2.0
group 1.0
umfrage 1.0
tadgallery 1.3
MadLiens 2
wfchannel 2.03
liaise 1.27

I hope you will like it url :http://www.japan3.cn/Also, there is a website I would like to disclose to you, but also a fan site, I was in preparation, you may want to take a look at the progress of the production of this site: HotCha Fans WebSite

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