Inspire 2.0 Released


Inspire 2.0 public release edition is a slightly different from inspire 2.0 applied on XOOPS China. I’ve already talked about this in Inspire 2.0 technical preview and I’ll give a brief instruction in this post.
The public release version adopts XOOPS block system. That means, you will be able to customize the theme in the backend of XOOPS for most of the time. Compared to Inspire 1.0 Beta, which needs a lot of hard code, Inspire 2.0 is much easier to use.
Although Inspire 2.0 conforms to XOOPS block system, the blocks are different from the default layout. Here is a chart to illustrate.
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The PNG source file of the logo is provided. You can edit it with Adobe Fireworks.

Release Notes: Page:

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