XOOPS France has a new Website


The team Xoops-France just updated their Website, and it looks fantastic with its new theme!!!

In addition to the new theme, you'll find a new repository of updated modules and a new module for links to sites built with XOOPS.

The Forum was also slightly improved and redesigned. You can see some ajax effects on the home page but also in the module links that make the site more dynamic and easier to use.

Additional updates are done in documentation and other areas in order to maximize the support for new users of XOOPS.

Congratulations to the whole XOOPS France Team, and in particular to Mage and Burning for the module repository (yes, we want it here too ), to Kraven, Muss and Cobalt for the new theme, and to everybody else for making XOOPS France such a pleasant site!

As next, we should expect a new design of XOOPS-Germany, and of the main XOOPS Website here.

We are very excited about all the new changes, updates, and new XOOPS developments around the world!!! It's good to see that so many people believe in XOOPS, and want to contribute to it, and make it better!

If you want to share any XOOPS news from your country/region, please let us know. We want to learn about it....

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