XCL 2.2 Theme built with BlueTrip CSS Framework


This is a sample to show how to build a theme with a css framework and how to simple manage multiple blocks position by order/weight from admin interface.


Theme Layout : Sample 1

To test this theme, you need to intall a few blocks and create 3 center-center blocks according to the following screenshot example:


Smarty Condition

Here is a sample for Center-Center Block Position with order/weight value equal to "10"

< !-- Center-left Block with order = 10 --> <{foreach item=block from=$xoops_ccblocks} <{if $block.weight eq 10 }> < class="centerCcolumn"> <{if $block.title|regex_replace:"/.*none/":"none" ne "none"}> < class="blockTitle"><{$block.title}> - <{$block.weight}>< /div> <{/if}> < class="blockContent"><{$block.content}>< /div> < /div> <{/if}> <{/foreach}>

This simple smarty condition makes easy to extend any XCL layout with multiple blocks position !

Note : To hide block title, rename it to "none" !

Download : BTcss Theme Multi Block

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