TadGallery (download):

TadGallery is an innovative Photo Gallery for XOOPS 2.3. Some of the main features: 1. Automatically organizes your photos: upload files, it will automatically read photo exif information, to find photographs date and the date automatically create a folder to put photos into it, so, on the same day the photo shoot, will be placed in the same folder (example: April 2, 2008 shoot all the photos will automatically be placed in / upload/tadgallery/20080402 directory). 2. Thumbnail can choose a variety of different looks: You can use ordinary thumbnail, photo effects (default), or fuzzy border effects 3. It will automatically record the photo exif information 4. A 3D show of the gallery pictures 5. A slide show effect 6. A vertical scrolling image block 7. A slide image block 8. All the blocks have the option to show "Latest" and "hot", or "random" pictures, and you can define from which album they will be shown. More information: click here


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