2 beta themes released


As of couple of days ago, Acida Software has unfortunatly gone bankrupt.

We have been able however to sell our excisting projects to a new team, which was founded by some of the ex-employees. This company is now called NightQuest Software.

We have been able to get all of our projects back, including 2 XOOPS themes. These haven't been finished yet, but I'm releasing them now in the hope that someone can use it. I'll also try to solve all issues, and feel free to post if you find an error or issue in the theme. I'll do anything I can.

As for me, I'm currently working for NightQuest. We'll continue our projects, but atm we will be waiting to release anything.

Here are screenshots of both themes:
These themes aren't the usual XOOPS themes, and that's why I picked them. Both are ported from excisting themes.

Please add a link with my emailadress if you use this theme. NightQuest needs to get jobs to survive ^^ (vampire.trix@gmail.com)

Thank you and much fun!

Kevin & NightQuest team.

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