onair 1.04


onair 1.04 (download):

An updated version of my first script Culex Dj rotator, now named only Onair. I have cleaned up my code and most are rewritten to match the xoops standards. This module is originally written to use with radio, to show who is online (picture, start & end, name, title of show & what song is playing) & who is on next with same details. Use this as a banner rotator, to show your schedule, movies in tv or what ever you want to show on your frontpage on a timed basis. Also I added the ability to link on to a more detailed description of the event as well as the ability to add dated playlists. VERSION 1.0 ------------ 06 June 2009.: Released the module for testing on (Xoops Forums module reviews) VERSION 1.01 ------------ 07 june 2009 - Reprefixed my functions // Thanks to Trabis - Added intval(), addslashes() to some functions not using them // Thanks again to Trabis - fixed function playlistall to show all playlists - Fixed warnings in playlists.php - fixed admin/index.php so events are sorted day,start not only by day VERSION 1.02 ------------ 13 june 2009 - Changed the save and add new event functions. If start > stop time then automaticly these are changed to '23:59:59' - Changed the function in script to show current event running and if this is last before midnight then choose first after midnight for the "Comming up" container. Version 1.03 ------------ 26 june 2009 - Adjusted the template to show day name in every query - Make function to show different background where event is onair now. Version 1.04 ------------ 27 july 2009 - Deleted the dhtml- scroller from templates/blocks/onair_block.html - Deleted the one from templates/blocks/onair_block.html - Added Jquery 1.3.2 to /include/jquery and added to templates/blocks/onair_block.html - Added jquery to replace content of the remaining div with data from 2 seperate php files using the blocks/simple_now block - Added 2 php files using the block function to place static block content into the jquery // inspired by Hervé's example - Added 2 templates to xoops_version these are used by the 2 php files being called by jquery to fill the div in /blocks/onair_block.html - Added check language i simple_now.php. These are nessesary for translating the data got from the 2 php files. - Added a check to b_onair_block for looking for next event next day in case there are no more the specific day.


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