MyTube 1.05 Final


The Final version of MyTube 1.05 has been released.
In this version the dimensions of most players have been set to a 16:9 ratio and most videos can be played automatically.
Three new sources have been added: Megavideo, Viddler and Vimeo.
The Random and Recent horizontal blocks have been altered in such a way that the thumbnails will be displayed in multiple rows.
More information about the changes can be found in the Changelog.
Changelog├é┬À Updated JW FLV Player to version 4.3
├é┬À Displaying Rating features can be turned off
├é┬À Set (most) players dimensions to 16:9 format (480x295 px)
├é┬À Timestamp multilanguage compatible

├é┬À Added: option to play videos automatically
├é┬À Added: option to set number of category columns
├é┬À Added: category column to Main Index listing
├é┬À Added: video thumbnail visible in info block when editing video
├é┬À Added: support for videoclips from Vimeo
├é┬À Added: support for videoclips from Megavideo
├é┬À Added: support for videoclips from Viddler

├é┬À Fixed: random vertical block not working properly
├é┬À Fixed: some typos in css [xoops-magazine/mcdonald]
├é┬À Fixed: bug in banner statistics block
├é┬À Fixed: category permissions will be deleted when category is deleted
├é┬À Fixed: issue with vids displayed twice when using alternative categories
├é┬À Fixed: issue with 'Aknowledge' & 'Confirmed' for broken video administration

├é┬À Changed: references to class/xoopsmodule.php to kernel/module.php [vaughan]
├é┬À Changed: templates/xoopstube_videoload.html and templates/xoopstube_singlevideo.php
├é┬À Changed: About page
├é┬À Changed: rearranged menu items
├é┬À Changed: modified template for random & recent block (horizontal)
AutoplayIn the Preferences is an option that will make the videos from the following sources autoplay: YouTube, MetaCafe, MySpace TV, DailyMotion,, ClipFish, LiveLeak, Maktoob, Vimeo and MyTube.
For the other sources I am still looking for an how-to. Any help with this is welcome!
Random & Recent horizontal blocksThe number of thumbnails that can be displayed in the Random and Recent horizontal blocks is not limited to width of the column of your theme or screen resolution. The thumbnails will be displayed in multiple rows for these two blocks.
InstallationMyTube can be installed as any other module. For more details see the enclosed readme.txt file
DownloadYou can download MyTube 1.05 Final from McDonalds Store at Google Code.

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