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Módulo Agendax.


Agenda-X is released under the GPL license with "wjue amendment":

Users are required to keep the links to the author's support website, as removing of copyright/license links is not considered as contribution to GPL softwares, if you still want to so, please go to website and make a big donation.

Agenda-X is a flexible and feature riche calendar application for Xoops with recurring events, Smarty templates, Category, Search, Image upload, day-week-month-flat views and (much) more. It is particularly recommended for using in company and community websites.

Agenda-X allows you to customize totally it's visual presentation by a set of simple html templates (SMARTY) and module-wide CSS.

For download, update and info. please visit

Agenda-X has three blocks displaying respectively:

1. Minical
    // Show - a mini-calendar, dates with events are highlighted with link.
    //      - an image, could be dynamic ! by using an php script.
    //      - a random event for the current day if there's any.
    //      - if not a random event from the next day to up to 2 month.

2. 7 Day upcoming events.

3. 30 Day upcoming events.


As usual, install exactly as a Xoops module.


For Minical block image display, use the script file in AGENDA-X_DIR/script/display_image.php as example to produce dynamic image source link. You can also simply specify a static image URL using Agenda-X admin interface. Or simplely uploads your image files into a subfolder of your site and give its relative path to Agenda-X.

An agenda-X module specific CSS file is provided in the templates directory:


Use it together with template files to produce fully customized looking!
Make sure that your main Xoops theme file (theme.html) has the $xoops_module_header variable present between the <head> </head> tags.

Enjoy !

Update from 2.0 beta, 2.0 RC, 2.0FINAL and 2.1 to 2.2.0

-Upload all files and update Agenda-X module using Xoops admin panel

Update from 1.x.x to 2.1

Attention: due to the data base structure change, all your existing events data will be lost.
backup your data base !

1. Uninstall your old version

2. Upload all files of the Agenda-X 2.0 package

3. Install the module with Xoops administration panel

2004-09-04 wjue
   v2.2.0 include contribution of dheltzel

   block listing sorting and grouping by recurrent events and non recurrent events
   date format in blocks controlable by XOOPS settings
   event search under Xoops bug fixed
   bug fixe : submission of recurrent event sometimes gave non recurrent event
   minical block show image setting accessible from Xoops standard admin panel
   minical block show today's event setting accessible from Xoops standard admin panel
   minical block show photo sponsor link setting accessible from Xoops standard admin panel
   minical block image url link setting accessible from Xoops standard admin panel

   contribution of dheltzel : some useful features !
      added a preferences page to the admin area to set most of the vars formerly set in
      added options to minical block for source/link url's
      default contact name and email to the user's profile settings
      only show "add event" if user has that permission in module views

2004-06-04 wjue
   permission bugs fixed

2004-04-25 wjue
   group permission system implemented
   minor bug fixe

2004-02-25 wjue
   v 2.0FINAL
   Minical block modified
   7 days upcoming events block modified
   30 days upcoming events block modified
   bug fixe

2004-02-18 wjue
   version 2.0RC
   bug fixe
   7 days events block added
   30 days events block added
   code cleaning
   security fixe

2004-02-07 wjue
   version 2.0 beta2
   numerous bugs fixed
   minical display events fixed
   added repeating event exception management

2004-02-01 wjue
   version 2.0 beta1
   minical random image display is now much simpler
   a variety of recurrent events support
   several new templates

2004-02-15 wjue
   version 1.2.4
   minical display on feb 2004 when week starts from monday
   fixed remainning potential security problems when your PHP has register_globals on AND "remote include" is also permitted.

2004-01-10 wjue
   version 1.2.2
   security fixes

2003-10-03 wjue
   version 1.2.1
   minical display bug fix

2003-10-02 wjue
   version 1.2
   enhanced language detection capability
   Agenda-X now uses the same date format as Xoops
   Chinese language year, month day suffix fixed
   updated Spanish translation

2003-09-04 wjue
   version 1.1
   fixed i18n.php international translation bug
   other bug fixes that I forgot the list...
   code cleanning

2003-07-27  wjue
   version 1.0.5
   add admin "list active/expired events"
   minical weekday mini image alignment with block width
   add Italien, French, Spanish and Portugal translation

2003-07-15  wjue
   version 1.0 Final
   added Xoops site wide search
   numerous bug fix
   new design of Minical Block

2003-07-08  wjue
   First public release v1.0 RC

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