xTRANSAM 1.02 (RC) - Provider Language Translated, Automated!


[img width=300]http://7kqdvw.blu.livefilestore.com/y1p1L1fYY6b1JeiobZxoIqRPHzIAXnAr2v-Vpsf4bNLqtz_c---r7rZDDxzRMrTVHhri1fRAwsUhgoKZ-8e89wsEb4gGmfHJWLw/xTRANSAM.png[/img]

Download xTRANSAM 1.02 for Xoops 2.3, it is the eXtensible Translation Automation Module.

It will import core language files or modules language files and translate them with the current distributed provider written for the google Translation API.

* Complete Matrix.
* Compatible with utf-8, utf-16, utf-32
* Prompted..

[Download : Click Here 44Kbs]

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