Plugg über module


Plugg über module (download):

  • AKISMET: Anti SPAM plugin using Akismet or other compatible spam-filtering services
  • BIRTHDAY: This plugin enables each user to add his or her birthday to the profile page. requires User
  • CRON: The cron plugin will allow administrators to manually run the cron at any time.
  • EXTERNALLINK: Adds a small link icon to external links. Opens external links in a new window when clicked.
  • FILTER: Filters content. required by user, xoopscodefilter, xigg, htmlpurifierfilter
  • GENDER: Adds a gender field to user profiles.
  • HTMLPURIFIERFILTER: Filter that uses the HTMLPurifier php library
  • HTMLPURIFIER: Enables the HTMLPurifier php library. required by filter, htmlpurifierfilter
  • JQUERY: Enables the jQuery javascript library. required by textarearesizer, slimbox2, externallink
  • LOCALE (LOCALE): Enables online administration of locale message catalogues.
  • MAIL: Provides basic mail sending functionalities. required by user
  • MESSAGE (MESSAGES): Messaging plugin
  • OPENID: Enables the OpenID user authentication
  • PROFILE (PROFILE): Allows access to user profile page using user names
  • SEARCH (SEARCH): Search plugin. required by simplesearch, xigg
  • SERVICESTRACKBACK: Filters out trackback spams using the Services_Trackback PEAR library
  • SIMPLESEARCH: A simple search engine plugin using database as backend
  • SLIMBOX2: Enables the Slimbox2 javascript library from
  • SYSTEM: Handles general site configuration for administrators.
  • TEXTAREARESIZER: This plugin allows the user to extend the textarea element/area within the web page whenever they feel.
  • USER (USER): The user plugin adds user security system to the application. required by xoopscubeuserapi, profile, xigg, xoopscubeuser, xoopsgroups, message, gender
  • WIDGET: This plugin enables adding plugin widgets to the website.
  • XIGG: Xigg allows site administrators to maintain a community-based news article popularity website like
  • XOOPSCODEFILTER: Allows editing text using XOOPS Code.
  • XOOPSCUBEUSERAPI: This plugin enables using the default user account management system provided by XOOPSCube to manage user accounts
  • XOOPSCUBEUSERAUTH: Enables user authentication using the user data on another XOOPSCube website.
  • XOOPSCUBEUSER: This plugin enables using user accounts of any XOOPS Cube installation as the user data. If you install this plugin on a XOOPS Cube system and selec...
  • XOOPSCUBE: This plugin is required to run Plugg as a XOOPSCube module.
  • XOOPSGROUPS: Adds a user profile field that displays groups to which the user belongs.



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