Plugg for XOOPS Cube Legacy 1.03 released!


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Plugg for XOOPS Cube Legacy 1.03 released. This release includes a number of bug fixes found in 1.02. This version is still considered beta and not recommended to be installed on a production website.
Plugins that are not required to run Plugg for XOOPS Cube Legacy are no longer included in the package. Those plugins can be found in a plugin bundle package or can be downloaded individually from the Plugg website.


Plugg is an open source web application framework written in PHP. Web applications and libraries can be installed on Plugg via the pluggable interface to extend the core functionality of Plugg. Plugins range from a simple Javascript library to a full blown forum software. Read more...

Changes from 1.02

- CSS cleanup
- Refactoring block rendering code
- Updated locale files
- Fixed some fatal errors
- Fixed contents not displaying at all under WAMP
- Added deafault filter user field to allow users to choose default input filters
- Fixed problems configuring user field properties

Changes from 1.01

- Fixed bug where HTMLPurifier encoding not configured
- Confirmation mail can be resent for each user queue
- Fixed auto user registration not working
- Fixed user registration confirmation by admin not working
- Fixed fatal error when trying to add a friend
- Added Pear.php/Pear5.php required on some systems
- Refactoring
- CSS improvement
- Modified some locale files
- Fixed typos
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