Xoops Custom Search engine Module


Xoops Custom Search engine Module (download):

With this module you can easily display a custom search engine box powered by Google on your website. I know that it can be a simple task to put the search box without the block. However, this module will also create a "landing page" for your results, and they can be viewed by users without leaving your website to any Google powered page. The results page will have the same structure as your website template, wich can be more usefull for your visitors, and can make they to stay on your website after the search. You must configure the module with your own parameters before you use it I have provided the instructions to use this module on my site, but for now i have only released the portuguese documentation. The English version will be released sooner. You can view the portuguese version of the readme file in the adress bellow: http://infomoz.net/280


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