News 1.63 Adsense Version


News 1.63 Adsense Version (download):

Another version of news module, that comes with excelent Adsense integration. You can quickly insert Ad slots inside your news articles, simply by put the [adsensead] or [adsenseadr] tags, anywhere you want for your ads to appears. There is an option to support this function developers, but you can disable it in this module preferences page. If your site already use the news module, you can just override the files in your server with these one, and then update the module via Xoops Module administration menu. You can learn more about this feature on this article about the new Xoops news module. To read this article in portuguese, that is better explained, you must change the language within the title of the article! You can see this module in action on my xoops websites: an


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