Timeline Module


Kaotik has developed a new module Timeline as a proof of concept. It is based on the work of Simile Widgets.

Some examples:http://www.recovery.gov/?q=content/timelinehttp://simile-widgets.googlecode.com/svn/timeline/tags/latest/src/webapp/examples/monet/monet.htmlhttp://simile-widgets.googlecode.com/svn/timeline/tags/latest/src/webapp/examples/jfk/jfk.htmlhttp://simile-widgets.googlecode.com/svn/timeline/tags/latest/src/webapp/examples/test_example2/test_example2.html
He thought that it would be an excellent addition to XOOPS, so he put this together. With enough interest, he might take this further and make it into a full fledged xoops module.
Download: here
Follow-up in this thread

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