Xquiz Module Beta 1


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Xquiz is a module for XOOPS which lets you create multiple option quizzes at a specified time and attach them to categories in your website, users can take part quizzes and module administrators can then view quiz result statistics afterwards.

1)Manage categories and subcategories
2)Determine access right permission on categories
3)Manage quizzes
4)Manage question for each quiz
5)Various statistics for the quizzes result details
6)Use XOOPS system notification (categories and quizzes)
7)Integrated search

[img width=300]http://www.irxoops.org/uploads/photos/quiz/xquiz-english1_html_m702d234d.png[/img]LicensingModule under the GPL.LanguagePersian
EnglishVersion supportXoops 2.0.16
Xoops 2.3.x
PHP 5DeveloperMojtaba Jamali

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