SimplyWiki 1.01 RC Released


Thanks to all the users that have downloaded and installed SimplyWiki 1.0, a few things were discovered and improvements were necessary. So, this announces the release of SimplyWiki 1.01 RC1 - it is available as a complete install package or as an upgrade package.

Honestly, if you have it installed and running, you probably won't need to upgrade. If you are installing for the first time, the changes only affect French, Dutch and Spanish users.
Officially - this is an RC release and not intended for live sites. Please test thoroughly on a copy of your siteUnofficially - the changes to this release are minor and you are probably quite safe to install or upgrade to this version
Coming soon will be the beta release of SimplyWiki 1.1 and you will want to check that out! There are a lot of improvements and additions coming in the new version.
Download the full installDownload the upgrade patch
SimplyWiki 1.0.1
Status: RC 1
Released: 9 Feb 2009

* Missing ) in Spanish language file
* Blocksadmin: edit block wasn't saving changes
* Incorrect SQL definition for wiwimod.body
* Missing ) in French language file
* Corrections/additions in Dutch language file

Contributors to this release
* skenow
* mcdonald3072
* kilaam

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