Oledrion 2.2, the e-Commerce module for Xoops by Instant Zero


Our good friends at Instant-Zero announced a new version of their e-Commerce module - Oledrion 2.2 (read here)

- Code refactoring
- Bugs corrections in the checkout page
- New option in config.php: OLEDRION_DONT_RESIZE_IF_SMALLER, when this option is on 'true', if pictures are smaller than defined dimensions, then they are not resized
- Addition of a new option in config.php => OLEDRION_AUTO_FILL_MANUAL_DATE
When this option is set to true, the module will automatically fill the manual date when you create a new product
- Bugs correction in the advanced search and addition of a pager
- Better support of Xoops 2.3
- Change in the gateways class and structure
- In the module's administration, manufacturer's names are now clickable
- In the module's administration, the count of products is now visible
- When you add a product, in the module's administration, the module shows you an example for the 'Path of the file to download' field
- Correction of several bugs with the Paypal gateway and orders records on some hosts (burning/herve)
- Bug correction in the shelf class (Bezoops/Herve)
- There were 2 minor changes in the translations, see lang.diff
For more information and download, click here...

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