VideoTube v1.84 Now Available From CVD


Video Tube v1.84 is an XOOPS module providing the ability to search, embed and manage videos on your site. Search, preview and auto-fill submission offered for YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe and plus a manual submission form for all other video services that offer video embedding.
This is a beta release intended to address some of the feature requests we have received. Release contains 3 bug fixes and 6 new features/enhancements. French translation language files have been added. Video reporting and recommend video are among the new features.
  • Bug fix remove mouse position coordinates display at bottom of Video Preview window
  • Bug fix add language support to videohelp.php file
  • Bug fix typo in javascript code causing Back button not to work in Search YouTube display results screens
  • Remove the annoying 'minimum of 2 videos required' message
  • Add ability to display a single video
  • Add 'Please Select A Category' display message when no videos can be found in the current category
  • Add 'No Videos Found' display message when no videos can be found and categories are not enabled
  • Change the category video count so the value displayed includes all videos in all associated subcategories when Category Display Type = Advanced
  • Eliminate 'Main Video View' and 'Category Video View' headings appearing near top of video display screen when Category Display Type = Basic
  • Add french language files
  • Add 'Report Video' feature
  • Add 'Recommend Video' feature
This release is available for download at CVD VideoTube v1.84 Download

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