VideoTube 1.83 Update


This beta release contains two bug fixes and one additional feature.

The first bug was introduced in version 1.82 where we missed adding x offset and y offset parameters when selecting NEXT or BACK buttons on YouTube search results page.

The other bug fix has been a long standing issue in which special characters in other languages such as Hebrew, Chinese, etc appear as UTF codes (%uXXXX%) instead of actual characters on YouTube search. The problem turned out to be an extra escape command line in the javascript that was created for troubleshooting. We just forgot to remove it when troubleshooting was completed.

The new feature is the addition of a preference parameter so you can define the number of inferred subcategories to be displayed under current categories when category display type is set to Advanced.

Since these are beta releases and we are putting out updates as soon as bug fixes are completed, I have decided to simply post them on Custom Virtual Designs site. We will only place production (stable) releases of Video Tube in the module repository. I don't want to be responsible for creating clutter in the repository.

You can download VideoTube v1.83 update release at CVD VideoTube v1.83 Download

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