Video Tube v1.81 Release Now Available


Video Tube v1.81 is an XOOPS module providing the ability to search, embed and manage videos on your site. Search, preview and auto-fill submission offered for YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe and plus a manual submission form for all other video services that offer video embedding.
This is a beta release intended to address some of the feature requests we have received. Some of the new features include full language support, html class attribute assignments and module style css, elimination of all hard-coded text moving everything to language files, addition of subcategories, complete rewrite of the category management admin interface, optional category selection display utilizing fieldset form with breadcrumb header, automatic comment reply title assignment using the video title, and changing several of the video table fields to text from varchar eliminating length restriction problems.
Be advised this release has only been tested with XOOPS 2.3.1.
We will be adding language translation files as we receive them.

To download either visit the module repository or go directly to CVD Video Tube v1.81 Download

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