XOOPS Time Capsule


Well some of you may already do this with your development in creating a time capsule. This is one for XOOPS that will be sealed at the 1st of march.

The dimension of the cylinder is as so
360mm(h) x 145mm(d)
It is water proof and will be placed in a remote location away from any nuclear targets and is good for a millennium as the plastics in the container.

Should you wish as a member of our community to contribute, I would suggest you mail me a flash disk, or mail me a sealed letter. Your contribution will not be logged nor will the flash discs be recorded, it will be simply added to the chamber of all goodies for the XOOPS time capsule.

I think we should do one of these each year around different parts of the world, who know we could exist elsewhere beyond our reaches as foresight see it.

Types of items accepted:

* any xoops related digital media (flash disc).
* letter in envelope

The mailing address is

Simon Roberts
c/o Chronolabs International
PO BOX 699

The serial number of the item if printed will be noted on this new in the comment as being added to the capsule.
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