New Module Logo design for XOOPS 2.3


In preparation for XOOPS 2.3 release, we're changing the Module Logo design.

As mentioned in our WOX Newsletter #10, our XOOPS Friends in Spain Eme3Design developed a new look for the standard Admin Theme (see here...).

We liked the idea a lot, so we've decided to follow it and change the logos for the XOOPS 2.3 release as well, but with a blue color. We believe that the new design makes them look more modern, professional, and hip

We would like to see all the XOOPS modules that have been successfully tested for XOOPS 2.3, to change their logos to the new look, so our users know that a particular module will work in 2.3.

If you have Photoshop, you can also use this Photoshop file to make your logos for XOOPS 2.3.

FYI - We've used images from Crystal ProjectPlease maintain the XOOPS 2.3 'look & feel' of the logos.
Some of the modules logos could look like this:
Of course, it's up to the module designers to finalize their module's logos, but we hope that the logos will share similar look and feel with XOOPS logos.

As always, we're looking for talented graphic designers to help us and those module developers, who might not be so good in graphics design.

And congratulations to Eme3Design for their great design ideas!

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