Xoops4Noobs first anniversary :-)


To celebrate its first anniversary, Xoops4Noobs.fr offers an update to its content and some news.

UpdatesSeveral sections of the site have been updated:
• Learn Xoops : 4 articles on Xoops, the modules, the themes are updated
• Downloads : pdf new record, module myTabs of Trabis (currently 59 resources)
• Xoops Links: adding new sites Xoops (83 links including 29 offering Xoops themes)
• Contacts : adding new forms to transmit your info about Xoops

NewsTwo new entries:
• Themes Xoops : organized by "generation" of themes, screenshots provide an immediate glimpse of the theme. A demo link is available for each theme. To html integrators, a section "non Xoops" exposes free templates.
• RSS feeds : to learn quickly news of the Community Xoops (note: Xoops4Noobs.fr emits its own RSS) ...

Participation in Xoops4Noobs
• Comments : feedback from members are free, those "anonymous" are moderates.
• Notification : all resources can be alerts (email / private messaging)
• Poll : every month will be a made a theme...
Do not forget to vote
.. and of course all the ideas and resources to help beginners are welcome Xoops !

• News (Instant-Zero.com)
• myDownloads (Instant-Zero.com)
• eXtGallery (zoullou.net)
• myLinks (Kazumi Ono)
• D3Pipes (GiJoe)
• Liaise (Brandycoke)
• XoopsPolls XT (Kazumi Ono + GibaPhp)
• RSS Fit (Brandycoke + Instant-Zero.com)
• Sitemap (GiJoe)
• Tellafriend (GiJoe)
• Security Images (Dugris.info)
• Protector (GiJoe)
• Altsys (GiJoe)

A very special thank you to Kris for his template themes Morphogenesis and CrystalXP for his Tux

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