X-Forum 4.12


X-Forum 4.12 (download):

Cure the Forum Infection with X-Forum. This was orginally written for an adelaide group who was having a problem getting any forum software to work.. This is just the first release of X-Forum. With X-Forum you can have all the connivence of the modular newbb path without the result. Based on CBB with a sound environment that even your grandma can use, I know mine does. Complete with Easy Path SEO Guide and help in the preference, you can even with some simple SQL Injections transfer your old CBB 2.x or 3.x over to X-Forum with ease. In later version we will be updating more the the templates to give it a nice evenly rounded abstraction without that old box XOOPS look from just static templates for you to build from. Wiki: X-Forum


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