Turkish Rock Music Singer's (Haluk Levent) using XOOPS


Halukweb, which is the official site of Turkish rocker Haluk Levent, has been developed with XOOPS 4 years ago.

XOOPS is very flexible, and as a result Halukweb contains many special parts. Some of them are listed below.
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Members AreaSmartProfile module exists in the basis of user system, and it is used for registration. And other user panels suppored by Ajax are specified for Halukweb users. All users configurations are arranged on user page which is preapared with supported ui. This page is also supported by Ajax. Telephone information is gathered from user like E-mail, password, city and so on. Thus users are informed via sms when a new group activity is planned on their city. New panels on user panel area.
Rahat Ver (Let Me Alone)This tab is the feature of ├ó┬Ç┬£HalukWeb Mesajc?s?├ó┬Ç┬Ø module which is prepared by taking the BuddyFriends module,also you can not see the messages from the blocked users.
G├â┬Ârseller (Images)This system which is developed onto the yogurt module├ó┬Ç┬Ös first beta, provides user to create their own gallery. Also users can make one of those pictures as profile picture. For this demonstration LightWindow is used
Last Fm This tab is used for integration of HalukWeb and www.last.fm . Any user can broadcast their last fm widget by making its necessary settings.
G├â┬Âr├â┬╝nt├â┬╝ler (Videos) This tab also contains an area which makes users broadcast their youtube videos,it carries similarities like G├â┬Âr├â┬╝nt├â┬╝ler system

Another feature of "HalukWeb Mesajc?s? (HalukWEB Messenger)" is friends. ├ó┬Ç┬£Arkada?lar├ó┬Ç┬Ø resembles the friendship system on ├ó┬Ç┬£BuddyFriends├ó┬Ç┬Ø But ├ó┬Ç┬£add friend├ó┬Ç┬Ø,├ó┬Ç┬Øremove friend├ó┬Ç┬Ø was created by Ajax,and every friends of user can be seen on his/her own profile.

Specified version of CBB 3.08 forum is used in HalukWEB
Puanlama (Karma)It is used instead of karma system but is different from classic system. As it uses ajax basement, + and – points directly work. All total points can be seen on user profile.
Bildir (Report) It is used instead of report system but different from classic report system. While users are reporting unwanted messages or topics,they can select which rule has been violated.When this action is applied with ajax,user can still surf and this problem is controlled by online authorized admins or moderators. If any problem is seen, a private message is sent to owner message explaining the problem of the message,and the point that the user get is deleted and it gives –1 point to his account. If the user gets -5 points during the next 30 days,he/she becomes automatically kite for a week. Kite user’s messages can not be published immediately,and it is controlled by admins and then are published.

It is so easy for user to send report to admins with clicking the posts or messages.Kite users can write after 7 days. All those actions proceed above is done by name the system of Aibo automatically

New Web 2.0 Style Forum BlockAccording to this system,the last posted 20 topics are displayed in a speacial fonts according to posts they are replied the most along the 24 hours
Used ModulesPrivatte Halukweb.com ModulesFmkp (special Area For Moderators) Tkp (special Area for Agents) HalukLevent (Area For Haluk Levent) HalukWEB (User Area) HalukWEB Mesajc?s? (Developed BuddyFriends) Sohbet (Chat Module) UyeGorsel (Module For Users To Show Their Videos On Their Profile)UyeGoruntu (Module For Users To Show Their Images On Their Profile)
General Xoops ModulesBuddyFriends

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