News 1.6


Instant Zero is very happy to present you a new version of the Xoops News module.
This new version, 1.6, introduces some bugs corrections and introduces a long awaited feature, the possibility to display html in its blocks.

Where to download the module ?The module can be found in its homepage :
How to upgrade ?Be sure to update the files on your server with the new one and update the module in the Xoops modules manager.

TranslationsThere was no changes in the translations
Changelog- It was possible to give any ranking to an article
- After you have vote for an article, you are redirected to the article (and not to the module's index page)
- TCPDF was updated to its version 4.0.001
- The RSS feed per subject now runs with cache (correctly)
- I have corrected a bug in the "Archives" block (the block was displaying _NW_NEWSARCHIVES)
- In the moderation block you now have a link to edit the story
- I have corrected a bug in news_item.html
- In the article page, the script should use less resources to create the link to the previous and next article
- Now you can display html in the blocks

Best regards,Instant Zero

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