Goffinet D├â┬®coration - "Toute la d├â┬®coration pour la maison" now running on Xoops


The Comptoir des M├â┬®dias is proud to announce the release of Goffinet D├â┬®coration : magasin de d├â┬®coration int├â┬®rieur's website

This website is composed of the following modules:
- News : for actu and promos
- SmartSection : for catalogs and products presentation.
- Edito: for general informations- Google Map : shop localisation- Liaise : contact form- Multimenu : website navigation and sitemap- And plenty other administration modules like: myReferer, I-Stat, Popgen, Xoopscare, Cryptox et TinyEditor...

Big thanks to each and every developers who have contributed (we all know who they are )...

Original theme is from Tony, Ouais, ça marche.

A particular big thanks to the company Instant - Zero (and especially to Herv├â┬®) to his contribution to this project.

The website is available through :

- www.goffinetdecor.be- www.goffinet-decoration.be

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