xStreamer (download):

Originally submitted by McNaz xStreamer Provides: 1. AJAX based voting system 2. Six blocks to categorise and rank videos: video categories, most views, most commented, highest rated, most rated and best rated videos 3. Ability for visitors to leave comments on all videos 4. Large video files (>100MB and upwards with no top limit). 5. Requires web server with PHP support. Does not require expensive streaming software or hardware. 6. Pure streaming with support to seeking/scrubbing to any point in the video including video that has not been downloaded. 7. ANY FLV file can be streamed. FLV files do not require Metadata injection. 8. Will work in Apache, Lighttpd and pretty much any web server. 9. FLV source files are secured and can be placed outside of a web server's public directory. 10. Each FLV file records usage and views statistics. 11. Support for Bandwidth throttling to distribute load for busy sites. 12. No intermediary FLV files are created! Everything is done in PHP. 13. Does not require any extra external tools and will run under *nix, OS X, Windows etc... 14. Requires Flash 7.0.63 to be installed on client machines which should make it compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux users and browsers.


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