MyDownloads 1.5



With the support of AGFA and Mowaffak Ali (, we are pleased to present a new version of the Xoops Mydownloads module.

In this new version, you can set permissions to submit and see downloads.

You can also, on the module's homepage, activate navigation links to see more downloads than the latest files.

Finally, you can use a global RSS feed or by category.

mydownloads cat
mydownloads index
mydownloads rate file
mydownloads single file
mydownloads submit
mydownloads top 10

The French, English and Arabic translations (in the module) are up to date.
The files with the Danish and Spanish translations are not up to date.

You can download the file at this address:
If you are updating an existing installation on your site, just copy files to your site, taking care to overwrite existing files, and Update it.

Then, remember to adjust permissions by category or your users will not see anything.

Best regards, Instant Zero.
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