This is an alternative and politically incorrect website set up to supply XOOPS documentation to the masses. It was initially established to keep the docs online after the 'official' site got hacked, and for a year or two afterwards because we couldn't persuade the management of the day to let us open a new one. Currently, there is a new management and an official documentation site again. It would be nice to be able to publish things there, wouldn't it? How to get started If you are new to XOOPS, I recommend that you download the core system documentation, starting with the Installation Guide. Once you've got it installed...read the Operations Guide! When you start building your site, then you'll need some modules...read the Guide to Essential XOOPS Modules! If you still have any questions, visit the XOOPS.org website, or one of the many localised support sites. You'll find the community most friendly and helpful [so long as you are nice to them]. Core system documentation * A Visual Introduction to XOOPS (PDF, xHTML) * Installation Guide (PDF, xHTML, CHM) * Operations Guide (PDF, xHTML, CHM) * Guide to Essential XOOPS Modules (New! First draft for comment - PDF, Open Document, Word) Module documentation * Protector module V 3.04 (Final draft for comment!) (PDF, Open Document, Word) * Weblinks module (PDF) * Members module (PDF, xHTML, CHM) * Partners module (PDF, xHTML, CHM) * Polls module module (PDF, xHTML, CHM) * Contact us module (PDF, xHTML, CHM) Customising XOOPS * Anatomy of the default theme (PDF, xHTML, CHM) Want to contribute ? You can. If you're interested in writing a doc for your favourite module or whatever, go for it. I'm happy to help edit / publish / promote or otherwise support the efforts of others. Send me an email, if you want to chat. Good luck, and may the force be with you.
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