Tiny Blocks (for XOOPS 2.2* ONLY)


Tiny Blocks (for XOOPS 2.2* ONLY) (download):

===================================== Tiny Blocks 1.0 (for XOOPS 2.2* ONLY) ===================================== Install: + Make BACKUP of your modules/system/ directory + Upload the tinyblocks and system directory's to your server, + Overwrite all existing files, + Update the system module, + Install tinyblocks as a normal module. Functions: + Make blocks with Tiny Editor, + Edit your created blocks with Tiny Editor, + Delete your created blocks, Errors (Bugs): + If you turn on PHP Debug then you get an error. (This doesn't matter.) Requirements: + XOOPS 2.2* + Tiny Editor Credits: + Made by DM Software Development (http://www.dylian.melgert.net).


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