Yogurt Social Network 3.2 (RC1)


This is an RC release and is not recommended for production sites yet!!!

You have been warned!!!

Yogurt Social Network version 3.2. RC1
By Marcello Brandão
Yogurt by Marcello Brandão is licensed under a Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 Brazil.

Yogurt screenshot This module features a simple Social Network for your xoops site.
Very recommended for communities sites. It allows users to have a personal album of pictures, a personal album of videos from youtube, a list of friends, a public wall for messages(scraps), to create communities (tribes), to adjust configs to set who can see what, it also allows Admins to block users from using the site for a certain amount of time.
The use of the module is very simple and the front end is clean and beautiful thanks to the lightbox2 feature and to jquery tabs.


The XOOPS Project http://www.xoops.org,
JQuery Lightbox2 http://leandrovieira.com/projects/jquery/lightbox/,
Jquery Tabs http://stilbuero.de/jquery/tabs/,
Komeia http://www.komeia.com

Contributors information
Marcello Brandão

Email marcello dot brandao at gmail dot com

Module Development details
Release date 2008-04-18
Status RC

Official support site

in english: http://www.marcellobrandao.eti.br
in any language: http://sourceforge.net/projects/galeriayogurt

Release Information:

13/04/2008 New features: Fans page Notifications upon new friend petition

07/04/2008 Bugs fixed:
  • 1886319 website url in user's profile
  • 1886972 avatar in scraps 1886412 notification is not sent to PM for new scraps notifications
  • 1888639 too much friends, no second page
  • 1888640 display error with right column
  • 1888645 yogurt.css 1888643 cr in scraps
  • 1902089 filename for thumbnail is too long frogx
  • 1904670 Textual error: 'see your emails' dbrazil
  • 1933366 Redirect page when user does not exist. gibaphp
  • 1933885 No avatar for userid above 100
31/01/2008 Version 3.0 BETA 2 Translations removed from the release as it was too hard to maintain all of them up to date smile Bugs report: Most of them corrected, some I could not reproduce
  • Bug 1783746: Link to album won't show for anonyms
  • Bug 1788733: Private configs
  • Bug 1802818: Imagem modelo de tribo dando pau
  • Bug 1840158: Upload path in templates [feightl]
  • Bug 1844518: In yogurt_visitors the column datetime no present [takeaweb]
  • Bug 1844520: ENGINE=MyISAM I can't install it. [sinoer]
  • Bug 1844530: Main video doesn t disapear [maxxy]
  • Bug 1844533: Can t set avatar [maxxy]
  • Bug 1844535: User listed in visitors of the profile [maxxy]
  • Bug 1844536: Last picture block qtty [maxxy]
  • Bug 1844537: Blank page after del in scraps[pewy]
  • Bug 1844538: Blank video area after insert [pewy]
  • Bug 1844541: True videos problem [saba]
  • Bug 1844542: Tribes insert [saba]
  • Bug 1844543: Fatal error in xoops cube legacy [pewy]
  • Bug 1844545: Last pictures point to profile not album [maxxy]
  • Bug 1844546: Album: newest first [maxxy]
  • Bug 1844549: Xoops.js $ click smilies doesn t work [maxxy]
  • Bug 1844552: No search on yogurt [takeaweb]
  • Bug 1844553: Scrap error on ie on delete [takeaweb]
  • Bug 1844554: _MI_YOGURT_FRIENDS_DESC not defined [takeaweb]
  • Bug 1844555: You can upload only... not defined [takeaweb]
  • Bug 1844556: View all not defined [takeaweb]
  • Bug 1844558: Star smile, heart problem with ie [takeaweb]
  • Bug 1844559: User contributions remains exploded [takeaweb]
  • Bug 1844560: Error on search.php [takeaweb]
  • Bug 1844570: Misredirection to user un myfriends box[ctoa]
  • Bug 1844582: Some definitions not in lang files [irmtfan]
  • Bug 1844583: Module name not in modinfo.php [irtmfan]
  • Bug 1844585: Ugly license [irtmfan] 1854617 misredirect
  • Bug 1844586: Place holder for main video and avatar [irtmfan]
  • Bug 1844587: Repeated definitions [irtmfan]
  • Bug 1844589: Lang definitions missing [eparcyl]
  • Bug 1844590: Album page missing requirements [patrick80]
  • Bug 1844591: Protect email address [patrick80]
  • Bug 1845327: Delete scrap
  • Bug 1845594: Xoops new members block linking
  • Bug 1848654: Private Messenger No Longer Works
  • Bug 1849019: Installation error
  • Bug 1849485: Show All in user info error
  • Bug 1849511: If I use yogurt as profile page I can't upload avatar
  • Bug 1851078: French translation
  • Bug 1851942: Missing semicolon in french file
  • Bug 1852981: New Feature-User Album
  • Bug 1854035: Main Menu
  • Bug 1854036: No avatar in friendship config setting
  • Bug 1854038: Redirect confusion
  • Bug 1854039: Notification Bug
  • Bug 1854041: Typo
  • Bug 1854042: Friend list - AVATAR
  • Bug 1854153: Private images disappear
  • Bug 1858658: Two Notices in php debug
  • Bug 1862190: Avatar bugs
  • Bug 1875338: Notification.inc scrap $item['url']
  • Bug 1876676: Private Message bug in My Friends Block
  • Bug 1877872: Send notification in PM not working
  • Bug 1877874: Reject friend language
  • Bug 1880026: Adding embed code for video URL
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