XOOPS Netherlands Reopens


XOOPS Netherlands, the Website providing support for Dutch users of XOOPS has been reopened with an updated look and improved structure.

The first thing that the visitor will notice is the new look of the Website. But there were also a lot of changes in the Website itself - according to the Website, many modules have been upgraded, and Incama, one of the Webmasters, was working hard on updating several templates. The hard work paid off and the users can now enjoy the refreshed and more friendly Website.

There are also new members of the XOOPS Dutch community, like Dylian, who are getting engaged and actively contribute to the XOOPS community. Dylian recently translated the XOOPS 2.3 into Dutch, and contributed couple of hacks. Thank you, Dylian, we very much appreciate it!!!

Not everybody speaks English well enough to take advantage of our main site here, therefore it is so important to have these local support sites. And since it is never enough to thank all the people who support XOOPS users in their native languages, we would like to use this opportunity to do just that - to Incama, the whole XOOPS.nl core team, and all the other XOOPS community members who support XOOPS users around the world - a BIG THANK YOU!!!!

The list of XOOPS local support Websites is long, but if you're missing your native language among them, please let us know.

And if you would like to start a new XOOPS support site, please let us know as well - we are always happy to see XOOPS being represented in new countries.

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