Dr Sylvain Desforges, chiropractor - www.drdesforges.com - redesigned


Our chiropractic clinics are located in Quebec Canada. We have several 
XOOPS  websites.

I have completely redesign my personal site,www.drdesforges.com
with a more contemporary look.

Clinique chiropratique, chiropraticien

Clinique Chiropratique du Dr Desforges, chiropraticien:www.drdesforges.com

Also, over the past few month, we have developped and or redesigned several niche websites:

D├â┬®compression vert├â┬®brale et hernie discale

SOS Hernie discale: www.sosherniediscale.com

Spinal decompression and herniated disc

SOS Herniated disc: www.sosherniateddisc.com

Clinique chiropratique Tag, d├â┬®compression vert├â┬®brale, laser doux, fluoroscopie

Clinique TAG: www.chirotag.com

Maux de dos, diagnostic, deuxième opinion
Deuxième Opinion: www.2ieme-opinion.com

Playa del Carmen vacation rentals
Paradise in Playacar:www.paradiseinplayacar.com

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