Xonerol Theme (Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis 2.10)


I'm very happy to share with the Xoops community, a new theme based on the Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis 2.10 stracture. This is Xonerol, an adaptation of a template created by NodeThirtyThree.

1. Specifications

  • 3 columns
  • Content margin limite to 950px
  • Horizontal menu
  • Accessibility bar (accessibilitybar.html).

2. Templates inclus

  • News 1.56: news_item.html
  • System: system_redirect.html et system_siteclosed.html.

3. Download

You can download this theme HERE !

4. Install

The installation of Xonerol Theme requires application of hack (depending on your version of Xoops) comes with the Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis 2.10 downloaded from Tutos.XooFoo.

5. Demonstration

Online demo at this link.

6. Support

The support theme in the XOOPSLand forums, Xoops France or Xoops.org.

7. Thanking

Thanks a lot for Kris for the Morphogensis structure. And soon, other colors for this theme will be available to to please all users of Xoops.
Cordially, Reda.M

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