x-Torrent 3.39


x-Torrent 3.39 (download):

Wiki: X-Torrent x-Torrent is a module which allows your users and yourself to upload torrents to xoops, it will poll the torrents as well as download file information, seeds, leeches, trackers etc, of the torrent. It is a modified version of wfDownload by the wf Team, done over 7 hours of an early morning. Completely tested x-Torrent will allow you to manipulate and maintain your torrent library with easy forms and standardised interface. I will now work completely with PayPal integration and allows your end clients of your site, to charge for access and material by torrent services. This is useful for a wide range of commercial and business applications, from a MP3 house to a Movie Stand outlet, you can allow people to purchase any digital material via Torrent. The announce appears from the file http://yoursite.com/modules/xtorrent/announce.php You can redirect this at the root with a .htaccess file to something that is shorter. Torrent: xoops2_xtorrents_3.13.zip.torrent


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