I'm proudly to present my first website with Simple Xoops (xoops 2.2.5).Singleb├â┬Ârsen is an special site to compare a lot of single dating websites in europe.
We test the different sites for oure users so that the user see wich is the best datingsite for me.

I use the following modules:

newbb 3.07.2
weblinks 1.7
myalbum 2.88
smartpartner 1.2
polls 1.01.1
protector 3.04
multimenu 1.82
impressum 2.2
profile 0.4.5
wordpress 2.2
sitemap 1.3
contact us 1.6
dhinfo 2.1.3
myquiz 2.55
logcounterx 2.71
wiwimod 0.88
Singleb├â┬Ârsen Vergleich
regards and happy xoopsing

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