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Shimmy Again!

Welcome to Shimmy Again! I made this site for my wife, who was thrown in the deep end of computing; Niki had not used a computer only a mainframe in a job once, so I suggested we get a site up and running for her to learn about the web. Shimmy again is a website design for girls just like my wife.

It has advertising capabilities and forums and we will be later adding in news, albums etc for the end user and my wife, niki to use.

Shimmy Again! used CBB for 2.2 and uses a modified SEO Optimized version of CatAds for Advertising!! Only $4.95 for 30 days. We will be SEO Optimizing this site in the near distant future. If your a girl and love to chat or a sissy boy that like to hang out with the girls (I know I am!!) then Shimmy Again! is for you.

Niki still doesn't want to do her first forum post so maybe as a community you can offer some encoragement!! We still need some more moderators and web admins

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