New 'Shadow Wheels' Theme on Sale


Hi again all. I hope it's ok to post about my new Theme again, I just finished, the 'Shadow Wheels' theme.

The theme is now in my Themes Shop at and it's on special at the moment for just $20 USD.

When I designed this Theme I had the idea of a Car Wheels site primarily in mind, though the Theme could also be used for Car Clubs, Racing Gaming site or even a personal site.

XOOPS Version: Tested only on 2.0.18
Browsers: Tested and passed in latest Firefox browser, Opera Browser and IE6
W3C Validation: It's validated to W3C CSS 2.1, CSS 3 and HTML compliancebr
LIVE DEMO: Visit my site and choose 'shadowwheels_rdp' from the theme selector to see what it's like straight out of the box.

It's 3 columns wide and adjusts to fit different screen resolutions with small gap on either side showing the background. It also comes with 5 custom system templates to use if you wish.

Read more for some snapshots.

Custom System Templates which come with this Theme:

With Banner 'not' activatedSystem Site ClosedSystem Userform(what you see after clicking on 'lost password' link in login box.)System Userinfo(for when logged in and viewing your profile. I put a scroll box at the bottom to house the links to areas of site the user has posted on, to avoid a long vertical list)System RedirectGuest welcome message and custom Login Block As seen by Website Guest, showing a 'Welcome message'.

Members logged in will see 'Welcome 'Username' to 'Sitename'' message and below that they will see a User Menu. The message and User Menu appears just above the top block in left column.

You can read more about the Theme on my site by visiting the online shop. All screenshots are displayed there and you can also view a Live Demo of this Theme on my site. :)

I hope this Theme is received well and I will be adding more Themes soon. :) thanks and I hope you enjoy my Themes, both free and premium. Take care all. :)

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