MatchDart (download):

MatchDart is a Xoops Module to control and display a ranking list for Dart leagues or tournaments. Version 1.5 | 04-MAR-2008 Dev: Xoops 2.0.18 Tested: Xoops 2.0.18, 2.2.x, Simple Xoops 0.82, Impress CMS, ************************************************************ Changes: - NEW: Legs, additional player stats - NEW: Legs won / lost to table, drop HighFinish against, 180 against to save space - NEW: Config Options for table width, Text Size, use of add. player stats - NEW: db update function (for update from all previous versions) - NEW: edit match function (for permitted user group) - DEL: Admin Section 'Matches' - FIX: PvP Query SQL Statement gave wrong results, now corrected ******************************************************** V1.4 Fixes a Bug with Session vars handling and changes: - added stats - added degrade factor description - added match control form and permission - Layout changes ******************************************************** Runs under Xoops 2.0.18 and 2.2.6 (should run under other versions too, but these are tested by me) MatchDart is strongly inspired by M0nty's Cricket League Module. I have made some heavy changes so nearly none of the original code is left (exept for the admin functions) Changes (incomplete): 1. The Module now uses the xoops smarty engine and template system 2. Some Cricket specific values have ben substituted by Dart specific ones 3. The Head-Head, Season and Event statistik have been dropped (just because i have not enough time atm - they will be back in a future release) 4. The Players (teams) are no longer bound for one season/event For the next release i will work mainly on a form to allow a xoops user to add matches for a season/event if he is authorized to do so by the admin.


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