Kubrick v2 Themes


Theme history-- KubrickFlexible Version 1.0: Wordpress to Xoops by kavaXtreme
-- KubrickFlexible Version 2.0: KavaXtreme work to Morphogenesis 2.10 (8 colors available but you can easily make your own)

Specifications• 3 columns
• full-page
• displaying advertissement in banner

Templates (to override)
• News 1.56 (www.instant-zero.com)
• myDownloads 1.45 (www.instant-zero.com)
• myLinks 1.1 (frxoops.org)
• myAlbum 2.88 (xoops.peak.ne.jp)
• Sitemap 1.30 (xoops.peak.ne.jp)
• Tellafriend 1.02 (xoops.peak.ne.jp)
• Liaise 1.26 (www.brandycoke.com)
• myCredits 1.00 (Solo71 / Dugris)
• eXtGallery 1.03 (www.zoullou.net)

Documentation (/docs)• a quick start guide to learn morphogenesis
• a tutorial to have your own color of kubrick theme (in french, sorry)

Warning:• to use the templates of News, myLinks, myDownloads and myAlbum you have to install Tellafriend module (xoops.peak.ne.jp)
• the installation of a "Morphogenesis theme" requires modification of the file /include/common.php (included in the archive). If you use a version 2.0.17 Xoops, the required files can be downloaded from here (Hack Core (2.0.17) for Mor.Pho.GEN.e.sis).

Download -> hereDemonstration Site -> here

And of course, a BIG thanks to Kris to allow us to enjoy ourselves with the design of Xoops.

Sorry for my poor english, have fun

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