Netquery 4.12


Netquery 4.12 (download):

Version 4 of Netquery, the complete PHP/SQL open-source toolkit of network information utilities, introduces access monitoring, logging options and spambot screening based on Michael Hampton's "Bad Behavior" utility. Its purpose is to deal with problems caused by automated scripts that attempt to read everything on your site, harvest email addresses, and post spam and false referrers, trying to advertise their own links through your web pages. It works to prevent spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to known profiles. The version 4.1 release updates Netquery's spambot screener function based on version 2.0.8 of "Bad Behavior". In addition, Netquery's access monitoring functionality is now combined with all others within a single loadable CMS block. More on this news:


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