Frameworks (download):

Frameworks provides a collective of common functions, classes, service packages like fpdf, tranfser that are required or can be used by modules like article, cbb, planet, wordpress, mediawiki and more 1 check the files xoops_version.php under /Frameworks/ and subfolder to make sure it is newer than your current ones 2 upload /Frameworks/ to your XOOPS root path: XOOPS/Frameworks/art XOOPS/Frameworks/captcha XOOPS/Frameworks/fpdf XOOPS/Frameworks/PEAR XOOPS/Frameworks/textsanitizer XOOPS/Frameworks/transfer XOOPS/Frameworks/compat XOOPS/Frameworks/xoops22 (for compat) 3 check file names: for filename case sensitive system, make sure you have the file names literally correct, i.e., "Frameworks" is not identical to "frameworks" 4 configure preferences where applicable 4.1 ./fpdf/language/: make your local langauge file based on english.php, you could check schinese.php as example, or inline comments in english.php 4.2 ./textsanitizer/config.php: check inline comments 4.3 ./transfer/: 4.3.1 ./transfer/language/: make your local langauge file based on english.php 4.3.2 ./transfer/modules/: for developers only, add transfer handler for your module, or store the file as: XOOPS/modules/mymodule/include/plugin.transfer.php 4.3.3 ./transfer/plugin/: add items available for the transfer 4.3.4 ./transfer/plugin/myplugin/config: configurations for a plugin 4.3.5 ./transfer/plugin/myplugin/language/: make your local langauge file based on english.php 4.3.6 ./transfer/bar.transfer.php: set "$limit" for number of plugins that will be displayed on a front page; 4.4 ./compat/language/: make your local langauge files based on /english/ 4.5 ./captcha/: 4.5.1 ./captcha/language/: make your local langauge file based on english.php 4.5.2 ./captcha/config.php: set configs 5 Requirements for XOOPS 2.2* users: Copy /Frameworks/compat/language/english/local.php /Frameworks/compat/language/english/local.class.php To XOOPS/language/english/ And for other languages, after creating local language files as in step 4.4,, for instance "french" Copy /Frameworks/compat/language/french/local.php To XOOPS/language/french/


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