XOOPS-BR: Abril 2007


Hello Xoops!Casafree is happy to share with the xoops community 8 new xoops themes.
All those themes have the same source code, only css and pictures change. It will be easy for you to adapt it to your needs.
Pictures used in this themes are from the photos album Casafree. Most of

the photos are mine, and could be found on this page. You are free to use any of my photos for you Xoops themes if you

specify their source.

All those themes are free to download, to use, to adapt and to share. Check the readme.txt file for more instructions.

If you are using one of those themes, feel encouraged to post a comment or to send a private message with a link of your

xoops sites. it s always a pleasure to know that our work is being used by you.

- Casafree Sea>> Casafree Sea Real size Screen shot- Casafree Lift>> Casafree Lift Real size Screen shot- Casafree Manga>> Casafree Manga Real size Screen shot- Casafree Casablanca>> Casafree Casablanca Real size Screen shot- Casafree Leave>> Casafree Leaves Real size Screen shot- Casafree Palms>> Casafree Palms Real size Screen shot- Casafree Nature>> Casafree Nature Real size Screen shot- Casafree Silk>> Casafree Silk Real size Screen shot
>> Download this pack of 8 free Xoops themes RAR << >> Download this pack of 8 free Xoops themes ZIP << >> See all our free xoops themes <<

PS : I have also included with the zip file the PSD source file of the logos.


averment.de, a german accord insurance portal, has a
new theme from xoopsdesign.com!
based on xoops 2.2.4 with the fullcache and seo hack, encyclopedia and job listing.
regards and happy xoopsing
sven webmaster of averment.de

Well if you've been around xoops for a while and your like me, then you maybe disappointed by the fact that McNaz the Xstreamer module developer, has dropped all his projects. This of course is a great loss to our community, but hey don't worry you still have more options ahead, and there in development.

Webshow - Beta
Webshow, first of the streaming modules we shall review here, has some great potential and after extensively testing this module I can certainly see a bright future, that is of course if the development continues.
So now your probably asking what is webshow?
Well first of all Webshow is based upon the Mylinks module, of course modified to suit the purposes intended. The streamer also uses a well known flash streamer that is widely used in other plug-ins and modules available for other CMS's and blogs.

The streamer 'Flash Media Player' is available from the following source, although please note this is not the xoops modulised version I'm speaking of here:
Are you wondering what can this module do?

If so then let me give you some insight, this module is only on it's second release, and still beta, even though the birth of this module is relatively recent, don't let this put you off, after all without beta's, you wouldn't have some of the quality modules around today.

Beta release modules are not recommended for production use, I have tested it in this environment though, and so far it's proved to be a valuable module.

From the front end visible to your users, not much is different from the 'Mylinks' module, with the exception of the media player which streams your files are there, here are the basic front end features, bullet-pointed.

- Submit - Allow your users to submit media (however they cannot upload, only link)
- Categories - Create categories for your users to submit too, or for your own content
- Popular - Show the most popular media files by views
- Top Rated - Show the top rated media, as voted by your members
- Rate Play-list - Allow uses to rate the media files
- Report Broken Play-list - Allow members to help maintain your module, by reporting broken media files
- Tell A Friend - Allow your members to tell friends about the media file (opens mail client)
- Notifications - Integrated with Xoops notifications
- Comments - Integrated with Xoops comments
- Streamer - The Flash Player can be sized up-to full screen, and also has volume control too

Now we've covered the paintwork, lets take a brief look under the bonnet of this beauty.

Wow this is a nice engine, although it could do with some buffing up, you'll see what I mean if you install this module, the features in the back-end have the pre-existing 'Mylinks' stuff:

- New Submissions
- Broken Submissions
- Modification requests

The index page at first may seem a little daunting and complicated, but once you've had a play, you should pick it up really quickly.

The index page allows you to add new categories, play-lists and players.
So what else is there:
- Category - another link to create and edit categories or sub-categories, images can also be uploaded here as you get in the original 'MyLinks' module

- Play-list - If you already have media there, then you can modify or delete those, however if your adding new media you have the following options:
-- Web Feed - As it states on the tin, you can provide a web feed of another stream, good idea to save your bandwidth and if the source your using doesn't mind you using their bandwidth then this could be a cool feature. (I believe it has to be an XML Play-list)
-- Media Directory - This is kinda a bulk upload, choose this option and tell the module where the directory is (on the following form), it will then stream all media in that folder, personally I don't like this option as I prefer all media to play separately, however if your in a band and playing an album this is a cool feature, as from the front end your users can click on the album and listen to each song, without loading separate pages.
-- Single File - This is the option to only play one file, which is my personal favourite.

The following form after choosing what media you adding will give you a long list of options which I'm not going to heavily details here, however it has a cool option to choose the media type, and the module currently supports:

- MP3
- SWF (possibly add flash games?)
- Gif, JPG, PNG

The next feature, which is pretty cool, allows you to create your own player, as in height, width, colours, etc.

Ohh one thing I didn't mention is that you can also watermark any stream on your website, just like you-tube does, if you want to have your own logo, then some image editing is required. (To add logo do this through player editor/creator
Webshow is release under the standard gpl code, however the flash player which is used was released under the CC license (some rights reserved), and is not native to xoops. You can use the streamer for FREE providing it is for non-commercial use, there are options available should you require it for commercial purposes, and they are as follows:

+ €15 - Single site
+ €100 - Allows you to use his Flash scripts on as many websites as you want!
Downsides And Suggestions
We're not talking bugs here, we're just mentioning some minor annoyance which could perhaps be addressed and corrected.

Groups - There is currently no support for xoops groups, which means if your running a free - stroke subscription base, then you either show all or nothing at all. also you can't limit what member groups can submit, which is a great shame, but hopefully something for the future.

Tell A Friend - Opens a mail client, personally I would like to see it have a form that the user can fill in, along with capacha, then the information is sent to friend, I feel that by opening a mail client this can put some people off referring new users, and not only that when my computers going slow, this doesn't help matters.

Module Banner - Personally I hate modules having there own banners, and often I comment these out of the code, I feel that unnecessary images like these only serve to hinder your users experiences, especially those whom are still on 56k modem connections, and there are a few.

Uploading - Currently if you want to add a new stream, you have to upload the file by FTP (File Transfer Protocol), there is no support for uploading via this module, which is also a downside for the user front end, well that's if you wanted your members to be able to submit content, I bet your thinking, 'hey hold on, he said up there that there was a submit' and your quite right, there is but they can only submit streaming links, for example to their own files on their own server or perhaps you-tube (I've not tested with you-tube, so don't quote me it doesn't work)
I'm not going to delve into the bugs here, yes the module has some but this is not the place to discuss them in my opinion. If you want to see the current reported bugs or have some bugs to report yourself then do so over at the dev.xoops.org website.
So where can I download?http://dev.xoops.org/modules/xfmod/project/?webshowSummary
This is to summarise my own thoughts here, I've been a little selfish and keep writing about streaming videos, well this is not all that can be achieved with the module, you can of course stream music and in some cases a collection of images

This would be my choice so far, especially with the recent departure of McNaz whom stopped all development on XStream, that coincidentally didn't work in Internet Explorer, and he had no interest in supporting this browser.
Right now lets move onto VideoBB, well what can I say?

I feel this module has a lot of potential, but for me personally I see too many downsides, and for me they would be major, however for you they could be ideal, read on and we'll see.
- Integrated Xoops comments
- Users can vote for the media

I really don't feel there is anything special 'feature wise', so I'm really not sure what to document here, apart from it's a basic module and may well suit the needs of many, however for me, it falls a little short.

If the developer is reading this, then please don't be disheartened by my comments, I see a lot of potential in your module, and even if it stays simple, it will suit the needs of many, but unfortunately not myself.
The whole module is under the standard gpl licence.
Downsides And Suggestions
Users can download your media from the front end, which is no good if your running subscriptions, or want to try and protect your media.

Very limited options

I tend to have problems getting media to run in Firefox, however I've not assessed this module as extensively as I have with the Webshow and Xstream module, so the chances are this could be simply fixed.

No xoops groups, which renders the module useless for subscription use.

I dislike that the module has settings and configurations from the front end, personally I feel such things should be kept in the admin, after all that's what it's for.

Not sure about the 'Age' feature as it simply displays some graphics of discs?

The module developer has chosen to log his link to the dev.xoops site and E-mail address on the front end, which is not always great for commercial usage.

No upload options, all videos are streamed from one nominated file directory on your server.
I'm not going to delve into the bugs here, yes the module has some but this is not the place to discuss them in my opinion. If you want to see the current reported bugs or have some bugs to report yourself then do so over at the dev.xoops.org website.
So where can I download?http://dev.xoops.org/modules/xfmod/project/?videobbGeneral News Side Note: Should I be granted permission to upload images to the new Xoops Server, future press-releases will contain graphical images to better emphasise the module and their great features, as well as enhancing your Xoops experience.
Other Modules
Some modules, I've missed out and although I'm not going to review them, I feel they still deserve a mention, so here they are:
Smart Media is developed by the Smart Factory team, although the last release seems to have been in around 2005, I have asked about further developments within their forum (4th April 2007), however no official reply has been made at the time of this article publication.

Smart Media Download - Click HereX_Movies
I know very little about this module, it seems to allow streams from Google and You-Tube, and as far as I can tell it is being developed for XoopsCube, although I could be wrong.

I've heard of xoopsers using it, so I presume it would be compatible with xoops 2.0.16

I believe the following link is correct for the developers site of this module.
X_Movies Download - Click Here
If any one has more details on this module or corrections, then please feel free to let our community know.

I currently unaware of any other media streaming modules.

These modules where tested and reviewed based upon their use within xoops 2.0.16

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.
No one had noticed that, but the Xoops project is more than 5 years old now! Happy Anniversary XOOPS !

Moreover, many ask where does Xoops come from and where it goes. Like last year, I've updated the graphics that can help you to better understand where Xoops comes from and successive evolutions of the product from 2001 to april 2007

"So here it is. What is it? It's a XOOPS Timeline depicting (sort of) the main dates in the development of this amazing product."
--> A good way to make a flashback through our project.

If you want to see them, just click on the links below :
- end 2001- early 2004 Period (author : hsalazar )
- early 2004 - early 2006 Period (author : marco)
- early 2004 - april 2007 Period (author : marco)



We are pleased to announce a new site, which has been created to support XOOPS Documentation:www.xoopswiki.org

The site's purpose is to allow a collaborative environment for the creation of XOOPS tutorials, articles and manuals. It also serves to assist the different XOOPS teams to have a space to elaborate on written work for their group.

The wiki will take content on any language - and currently has some documentation in English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. Content from other languages is welcomed.

The site currently has a backup of the wiki that formerly existed at www.xoopsdocs.netPlease note: This is not an official documentation site. The official documentation can be found at: www.xoopsdocs.net - which will hold it's own wiki for strictly official documentation. However, we encourage you to use our site to develop official documentation, until XOOPSDocs wiki is re-opened. You can then transfer your project to the official site.

Likewise, this is not a developers documentation wiki, as this exists at dev.xoops.org.

We hope that www.xoopswiki.org becomes a useful working tool to support the XOOPS's communities documentation projects.

The XoopsWiki.org Team


Version 0.05 (RC1) of AM Contact has been released. This version has two new preferences and a small bug fix with the about page.

Changes since last release:

o New preferences for the message text box size, so it can made to fit your theme better.
o New preference so an intro message (including HTML) can be added above the contact form.


The GD2 graphics library is required for the image verification. This is compiled in to most PHP installs, but the question & answer verification can be used instead if the image does not work.

AM Contact can be downloaded from here.


TAG CLINIC is the only health centre in Quebec where you can find the following services: chiropractic, osteopathy and fluoroscopy.

Cuidado com boletos e registro de domínios!

Pessoal, escrevo a notícia para alertar que de tempos em tempo há ondas de fraudes na internet que faz vítimas, geralmente por serem pegas desprevinidas e desavisadas.Uma onda que nunca sai de moda é o constante envio de boletos que são muito semelhantes aos boletos emitidos pelo Registro.br / NIC.br.

Se houver dúvida o Núcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR - NIC.br / Registro.br tem em seu site o aviso alertando os usuários para os fatos, inclusive com uma descrição detalhada do seu boleto para que não haja dúvidas na hora de pagar pelo registro do domínio, confira tais informações no link http://registro.br/anuncios/20060925.html.

Então pessoal é isso,
fiquem atentos e alertem seus clientes...
Hi, this is a modified rmdp module and support mp3 and flv files with the jeroenwijering player.

Visit: Musica electronica


jokezone.de is a german joke portal with with over 6000 jokes.
Based on simple-xoops 0.7.8 (xoops 2.2.5), with the fullcache and seo hack. The theme is from xoopsdesign.com.
happy xoopsing and regards


Release of WF-Downloads 3.2 RC 1Fellow Xoopsers, The SmartFactory is very announce the release of its latest work: WF-Downloads 3.2 RC1 !
What is WF-Downloads?
WF-Downloads is an advanced Downloads module for your XOOPS 2.x site. With this powerfull module, you can easily set a downloads section on your site and offer unlimited amount of files to your users. The module supports subcategories, has a fully integrated permissions system as well as a complete notifications system.

You can even allow your users to submit and upload files on your site, given that they have the proper permissions .

The module supports any XOOPS versions between 2.0.10 and 2.2.x.
What's new in version 3.2 RC 1?
- RSS Feeds for both global & category.

- Integration with Formulize 2.2 Module (this allows customization of the submit form providing you have Formulize 2.2 or later installed)

- Additional Notification Events for modified downloads.

- An option to select upto 4 screenshots per submission.

- Import scripts to import from mydownloads, wmpdownloads & PD-Downloads.

- And A LOT of bugfixes (have a look at the changelog within the module package)
Where can I get it ?
First, if you are already using a previous version of WF-Downloads it is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY that you read the module documentation (included in the wfdownloadsdocsenglish
eadme.html) before upgrading the module. This release includes some changes that need your attention in order for the module to work perfectly for you.

As a usual recommendation : The SmartFactory STRONGLY recommends that you take a full backup before INSTALLING or UPDATING any module.

You can download the module here: WF-Downloads 3.2 RC 1
The language packs are available here : WF-Downloads Language packs. However, please note that, at the time of releasing the module, there is no language packs available for this version. We encourage the community to create the different language package needed and submit them on The SmartFactory site.
Help and comments ?
As usual, any comments, bugs or suggestions are welcomed on the SmartDownload Community Support Forum.
THUMBS UP for the SmartFactory Team !
Special thanks to Jan, M0nty, Bender and DavidL, RLankford, Jegelstaff, Skenow & Xavhmn !

Enjoy !
Hello Xoopers, [url=http://www.casafree.com]Casafree Maroc[/url] is happy to share with you one of our last themes creations : Atlantic XOOPS Theme. This theme comes with some cool features, like Divs opacity. This theme is also easy to install, you will just have to edit the file theme.html and follow the commented instructions to adapt it to your needs. Technical specification : - 2/3 Columns - Fluid width - Tested in IE 7, Firefox, and could work with any other browser (fingers crossed) Here are some screenshots : [img]http://www.dayza.com/images/55912screenshot.gif[/img] Theme details : [img]http://www.dayza.com/images/8365screen1.gif[/img] [img]http://www.dayza.com/images/43400screen2.gif[/img] [img]http://www.dayza.com/images/48963screen3.gif[/img] The photo of the woman seeing ocean used in this theme can be found in [url=http://www.casafree.com/modules/xcgal/]album photos Casafree[/url]. It was token last summer in Casablanca (Morocco). It's one of my favorite shoots so i tried to port it to Xoops. Wish you will like the final result. >> Download Atlantic XOOPS Theme. [url=http://www.casafree.com/CasafreeTheme/atlantic.zip]Atlantic.zip[/url] or [url=http://www.casafree.com/CasafreeTheme/atlantic.rar]Atlantic.rar[/url] You can find our other XOOPS themes in [url=http://www.insidecasafree.com/blog/category/xoops/]InsideCasafree.com in the XOOPS section[/url]. Feel free to report any Bug. Thank You. Elkodadi Jawhar webmaster of Casafree.com


Picito is a simple Xoops module that gives a functionality similar to ImageShack to your Xoops powered website. Your users can use this module to upload pictures to your website. Thumbnail is created on-the-fly and you get direct link, BBCode for forums and HTML Code for websites.

What's new in 1.3 ?
- new templates (front + admin)
- user can resize a picture
- user can add a description of the picture
- administrator can set maximum file size
- administrator can set maximum thumbnail size
- administrator can set watermark with custom text on the images
- code cleanup
- ...
Screenshots DownloadDownload Picito 1.3


Hi Xoopsers out there,

in the past it was mentioned that with the site restructuring tasks will pop up which need more peoples active involvement.
Now this will be one task which certainly can be done much faster with more people working on it. We are talking about the file descriptions and submissions.

One of the major goals is the improvement of quality when rebuilding the repository. A big part of this are the descriptions
of the addons (modules/themes/...) offered in the repository. On the old repository one was often like uuuh what might
this be for now?
or ok now i know its a module for content but which features does it have?.

Now there are tons of modules out there. Some carry good descriptions by themself but most do lack in that area. So
thats where to begin and what i like to ask your help for today.

How is it supposed to work? Simple ... let me explain.
We will have a list of modules (themes to follow shortly) and you can assign yourself to working on a description for one
or more files. Then open one thread for the description per file and post your work there. Anyone can comment on this
to even improve it further where possible. Those descriptions will then be used in the new repository

This will be the forum where it takes place: http://www.xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=46
Now apart from the descriptions in the same forum you can add modules to the list which are currently not mentioned. And thats a lot of modules ...

See you over there ...

I have released a new version of the Jobs module.
It just addresses the bug that the Xoops Editor wasn't working properly in Internet Explorer.

You can NOT just overwrite the files for an upgrade, read the README file for instructions.

You can get the module



We have created a flash game site with Xoops.

Please visit the website and send me a feedback.


Picito is a very simple Xoops module for uploading pictures and creating thumbnails (like imageshack for example). Please note that this module was written just to check how Xoops works but I guess it's better to release it than delete it.

It takes a picture, uploads it, creates thumbnail and two fields (bbcode and html code) for posting this picture to forums or websites.

You can see a screenshot HERE!

Download this module HERE!

Any comments are welcome.
[Update]: Picito 1.1 was released. (See comments below)


AdvenQuest is an active lifestyle and adventure travel community dedicated to covering the locations, activities, gear, culture, and science of outdoor adventure.

It seems my favorite pastime is redesigning the Xoops template for AdvenQuest. During the process the logo was simplified and and the Google Adsense moved above the fold at the request of some anonymous Google staff member.Other significant changes in the last 18 months:

• I bit the bullet and added the SEO package - URL mod rewrite. Traffic fell off the charts, but has finally started to pick backup to pre mod re-write levels.

• In looking for an easy way to make the site change with the seasons and have different headers for variety I used the Xoops banners for my header on all pages.

• Moved the main body content closer to the top of the page - to the criticism of many.

• Lastly I made an attempt to re-categorize all the modules to match the active lifestyle adventure travel theme and make the concept flow better.

The website can be seen here:www.AdvenQuest.com

It's almost an annual thing: a new layout for our company website.

The new layout has again been designed completely from scratch and, since our recent move to Linux on our office computers, largely with the use of Linux tools. The graphic design was made using Inkscape. Some images from openclipart.org where used and several icons from the tango project were used as well. Our logo got a makeover with Inkscape as well.

The new site has been build on top of a fresh Xoops install with a fine selection of modules. Many module templates where changed to fit the new design and also some changes where made to Xoops core class-files. There is still a lot of work to be done, including Dutch translation of several modules. The translations will also be available for download when they are ready.

The website can be seen here:http://www.softechmatrix.nl


Hello,we have created a very funny site with Xoops.This website is a Serbian funny portal with very nice theme (many of the
themes have been total modified and combined).But only on Serbian language.

Have a look here:
Sory, but my English is not very well

Instant Zero and XoopsDesign.com are very proud to announce you the birth of a new commercial XOOPS module called "Bookshop". This module has been developed for two clients. For now, this module has been designed to sell Books, but Instant-Zero has tailored it so it can be easily personalized, renamed and modified for others usages, like the selling of other Goods & Services . Please contact us if you have specific needs .
BookShopInstant Zero and XoopsDesign.com are very proud to announce you the birth of a new commercial Xoops module called 'Bookshop'. This module has been developed for two clients.

For now, this module has been designed to sell Books, but Instant-Zero has tailored it so it can be easily personalized, renamed and modified for others usages, like the selling of other Goods & Services .

detailed functions of the modulePlease contact us if you have specific needs.


RMSOFT Quick Pages te permitirá crear páginas individuales en XOOPS de la manera mas sencilla para mostrar toda la información que desees a tus usuarios. Es un Módulo sencillo que organiza los documentos en categorías y gracias a RMSOFT Common Utilities cuenta con un editor HTML WYSIWYG que te facilitará aún mas la tarea al formatear tus documentos para causar un mejor impacto en los lectores. RMSOFT Quick Pages cuenta con las siguientes características: Permite crear categorías y anidarlas sin límite de profundidad. El usuario podrá nevegar por las categorías para localizar mas fácilmente el documento solicitado. Permite crear tantas páginas como sea necesario. Las páginas pueden ser públicas o privadas. Generalmente se publican cuando la página se ha completado, mientras no sea así una página puede permanecer privada lo que impedirá a los usuarios tener acceso a ella. Editor HTML WYSIWYG o Editor Estándar de XOOPS.

Gracias a su integración con RMSOFT Common Utilities el módulo proporciona la posibilidad de elegir entre un editor visual o el editor por defecto de XOOPS. Esto es particularmente útil cuando requires la creación de páginas formateadas de manera tal que generen un impacto positivo entre los lectores. ... Soporte para URLs amigables con los Buscadores Una de las principales características de Quick Pages es que te permite elegir la forma de presentación de las direcciones para los documentos, de esta forma puedes mantener la forma tradicional de PHP (http://servidor.com/modules/qpages/?page=xxx) o elegir la forma basada en nombres (http://servidor.com/modules/qpages/xxx/). Esto es especialmente útil cuando buscas posicionar tu página en un buen lugar dentro de lso resultados de los buscadores. Integración con el nuevo manejador de Imágenes de RMSOFT Common Utilities Esta integración te permitirá manejar fácilmente imágenes e insertarlas en tus documentos con el formato que mas te convenga. Descripción completa de Quick Pages. Si deseas sugerir nuevas características para este módulo o incluso sugerir nuevos módulos puedes hacer click en este enlace y llenar el formulario. Necesitas estar registrado en Red México para poder sugerir nuevas características o módulos.
The results for this questionnaire are out. (See here for the original article, where you can still add your voice.)

In brief, some 70% or respondents are currently using PHP5 with the rest expecting to o over to it in the next 12 months. Only 40% of respondents are using MySQL5 and most of the others don't expect to upgrade for another 12 months.

See the full results at xoobs.net


XooFoo.org - Kris Productions proposes a new theme 'Design Creek' based on the theme template Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis 1.1.2.
This theme is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 1.0/2.0.
You can download the theme at this address, and visualize in action HERE.

For all questions (in French or English) about these themes or the theme template Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis you can go on the forum of the XooFoo.org Laboratory or Xoops France
Do not forget to visit Wiki relating to ├ó┬Ç┬£Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis├ó┬Ç┬Ø.


Casafree Maroc is happy to share with you one of our last themes creations : Atlantic Xoops Theme.
This theme comes with some cool features, like divs opacity.
This theme is easy to install - you will just have to edit the file theme.html and follow the commented instructions to adapt it to your needs.
Technical specification :- 2/3 Columns
- Fluid width
- Tested in IE 7, Firefox, and could work with any other browser (fingers crossed)
Here are some screenshots :Theme details :
The photo of the woman looking at the ocean used in this theme can be found in album photos Casafree. It was taken last summer in Casablanca (Morocco). It's one of my favorite shots so i tried to port it to Xoops. I hope you like the final result.
>> Download Atlantic Xoops Theme in Zip format << or >> Download Atlantic Xoops Theme in Rar format <<

You can find our other xoops themes at InsideCasafree.com in the Xoops section.

Feel free to report any Bug.
Thank You.

Elkodadi Jawhar webmaster of Casafree.com

xsGal is a simple image gallery with lightbox effect. It generate thumbnails of images inside a particular folder (and sub-folders) and show them in an organized way.
xsGal 1.2 features:-Added display images per page ( thanks to optikool ).
-Corrected style.
Language Packs:
-ِِArabic, german, french, polish, english, portuguesebr, italian and spanish.
-Thanks to all translators.
Demo: click here Download: click here

after a lot of work i have made two themes for xoops user's, the first of them is margkhar-warfan. it's a fantasy theme i designed for the fan sites which you can download from:

The second theme is 300 theme, i designed it for the persian people after the movie '300', this theme is our (persian people) Defiance to that movie, you can download it from:DOWNLOAD
Por vezes, as pessoas dizem que o XOOPS é bastante lento e isso pode ser verdade, mas há maneiras de melhorar as coisas. Instant Zero mantém alguns sites usando XOOPS, e por isso, decidiu compartilhar os seus conhecimentos e esperamos que você ache útil. Neste artigo dividido em 5 pontos você verá o que você pode fazer em seu site.
  1. O servidor: Primeiro analisaremos o servidor e o que você pode fazer por ele. Dependendo do tipo de servidor que você tem contrato recomendamos que você ative a compressão gzip. Se o seu servidor estiver rodando Apache 2, então você precisa ativar o módulo deflate. Não vamos falar de como instalar e usar pois você encontra muitos tutoriais bons sobre isto na internet. Browsers mais modernos e até alguns nem tão recentes podem solicitar aos servidores Web que enviem a página compactada. E são muitas as vantagens disso. Em primeiro lugar há menos conexões entre o servidor e o seu navegador e, em segundo lugar, há bem menos tráfego de dados em sua conta. A contrapartida disso é que o servidor irá trabalhar mais. Mas ele merece! É como comprimir uma página html com qualquer programa zip e enviá-la para o seu navegador. Isso é exatamente o mesmo que o seu navegador certamente poderá fazê-lo... Por seu servidor ... Você tem que ver isso com o seu hospedeiro. Se você puder, recomendamos também que instale e use o Zend Optimizer ou a extensão eAccelerator. O PHP 6 deve vir com um opcode cache, mas até que isso aconteça tente usar um outro método para ganhar algum tempo. Com o otimizador Zend (ou qualquer outro sistema de caching opcode), os scripts que são os mais utilizados permanecem na memória em um pré-estado. Assim o seu site não precisa interpretar de novo o script cada vez que for chamado. Com uma extensão Php como eAccelerator, todos os scripts PHP chamados pelo seu site podem ser salvos "compilados" no seu disco. Isso exige tanto espaço em disco como se fossem apenas os scripts (e até um pouco mais), mas é também uma grande ajuda para ter um site mais rápido.
  2. XOOPS por si só: O problema com o CMS é que tudo é dinâmico, por isso o banco de dados é freqüentemente utilizado, e é também assim com o XOOPS. Mas o XOOPS utiliza um sistema de templates chamado "Smarty" e isto permite-lhe utilizar um sistema de caching. Este sistema de cache pode causar problemas quando é utilizado em módulos mas pode ser muito útil em seus blocos. E muitas vezes, sua página inicial usa muitos blocos. Portanto, não se esqueça de aplicar algumns caches aos seus blocos, você pode fazer isso em Sistema >> Blocos, edite o bloco e selecione uma duração de cache. Uma última recomendação. Em muitos sites nos quais estamos fazendo manutenção podemos ver a opção "Atualizar os modelos de módulo do diretório "themes/templates"?" ativada. Definitivamente, salvo se estiver trabalhando em seu tema, desative esta opção! Escolha "não".  
  3. Banco de dados: Sua base de dados é chamada em todas as páginas. É chamado pelo XOOPS e por seus módulos. Com o tempo e o uso, sua base de dados pode se tornar "Não otimizada", por isso recomendamos que você instale e configure o módulo XoopsCare. Com esse módulo, você pode planejar alguns processos de otimização regulares para o seu banco de dados. E mais: se um dia você tiver um problema de banco de dados corrompido se torna muito mais fácil (quando possível) recuperar dados de um banco de dados que é frequentemente otimizado do que de um que nunca é otimizado, além de ser mais rápido. Dependendo do tráfego que seu site tem você pode selecionar um maior ou menor valor para a opção "Manter todos os dados ...". Também recomendamos que você use o "Cache e Templates_c" e a opção "Emtpy Sessions". E já que estamos falando de sessões, quanto mais tempo você definir para sessão, mais seu banco de dados será utilizado! E não podemos esquecer que um robô como o do Google não vê com muito bons olhos o uso de sessões... Ainda falando de Bancos de dados, vamos concluir a seção deste artigo com algumas otimizações que você pode trazer para as tabelas Mysql utilizadas pelo XOOPS e pelos módulos instalados em seu site. Antes de fazer qualquer mudança em seu banco de dados aconselhámos seriamente a fazeres um backup completo dele (conteúdo e estrutura). Como você deve saber o XOOPS usa um banco de dados para o seu conteúdo. Os módulos também. Cada módulo tem suas próprias tabelas Mysql. São constituídas por uma estrutura (um nome e Campos) de dados. Cada tabela pode ter quantos índices quiser. Índices são utilizados para obter buscas mais rápidas, mas em contrapartida, o que você ganha durante a leitura do processo é perdido quando você insere dados pois precisará inserir os dados na tabela para atualizar o índice. Mas, muitas vezes, o seu site é mais usado na leitura do que na escrita. Portanto, se você tiver problemas com a velocidade do seu site então pode adicionar alguns índices possam ser úteis. Neste momento você já deve ter feito o backup. Portanto para adicionar índices para o seu site recomendamos que você use um script com o Phpmyadmin. Adicionar índices é uma operação muito simples. Depois de ter clicado (à esquerda) em cima do nome da tabela, em seguida, a sua estrutura fica visível à direita e você verá um link, ou um ícone, para adicionar um índice sobre o campo desejado. Vamos ver as tabelas XOOPS onde você pode adicionar alguns índices e quais campos você pode indexar. A) A tabela de módulos(algo como "xoops_modules" em seu site, dependendo do prefixo que você usou durante a instalação, mas neste artigo vamos chamar-lhe "xoops"). Nesta tabela os módulos instalados em seu site estão declarados. Você pode adicionar índice para 3 campos ", isactive", "weight" e "hascomments". B) XOOPS_users. Esta tabela armazena a lista de todos os usuários do seu site. Você pode indexar o campo "level". C) XOOPS_online. Esta tabela é utilizada pelo bloco "Quem está online?" (e o seu conteúdo é apenas preenchida quando este bloco está visível). Você pode indexar os campos "online_updated" e "online_uid". D) XOOPS_config. Nesta tabela, são guardadas todas as configurações para XOOPS e para os módulos. Você pode adicionar índice ao campo "conf_order". E) XOOPS_xoopscomments. Como o nome sugere, esta tabela contém os comentários de todos os módulos. Você pode indexar o campo "com_status". F) Agora vamos ver algumas tabelas de módulos. Primeiro o multiMenu, um módulo muito popular e que como o nome sugere é usado para criar alguns menus. Nas tabelas deste módulo, você pode indexar os campos “weight”, “hide” and “submenu”. G) Módulo News. O News também é um conhecido módulo para criar artigos. Você pode adicionar um índice no campo “published” da tabela "xoops_stories". H) extCal é uma excelente agenda. Na tabela"xoops_extcal_event", você pode indexar "event_start" e "event_end", também mude o "event_approved" de int (11) para tinyit (1) e seu índice. Você também pode indexar o campo "cat_id". Se quiser, você também pode adicionar um outro índice composto de "event_start" + "event_end" + "event_approved". I) Smartsection, este é um módulo usado para criar seções internas. Nessa tabela chamada de XOOPS_smartsection_items, você pode indexar os campos "status" e "datesub". Ainda neste módulo, na tabela chamada "xoops _smartsection_categories" você pode indexar os campos "parentid" e "weight". J) XOOPSPoll, este é um módulo usado para criar enquetes. Na sua tabela chamada XOOPS_xoopspoll_desc, você pode indexar o campo "weight". K) Newbb. Este é um fórum para XOOPS. Na tabela chamada "xoops_bb_online" você pode adicionar um índice sobre o campo "online_uid" e na tabela chamada "xoops_bb_topics" você pode indexar o campo "approved". Para a tabela "xoops_bb_posts" você pode indexar o "approved". Por último, na tabela chamada "xoops_bb_forums" você pode adicionar um índice no campo "parent_forum". L) Catads. Este é um excelente módulo pra anúncios e classificados. Na tabela "xoops_catads_ads" você pode indexar os campos “waiting”, “published”, “expired”, “uid” e o “cat_id”. Na tabela chamada "xoops_catads_cat" você pode adicionar índice aos campos "weight" e "pid". M) SmartFAQ é um módulo que gerencia FAQs. Em sua tabela chamada "xoops_smartfaq_categories" você pode adicionar um índice no campo "parentid". Esta não é uma lista completa. Você pode certamente encontrar tabelas que precisam de mais índices e tabelas mesmo sem índices. Caso você seja um desenvolvedor ou usuário com experiência pode ativar o "slow queries log", de sua instalação Mysql. Se você não for um desenvolvedor ou usuário experiente então pode ver, pelo menos, através do Phpmyadmin se as tabelas usadas pelo seu site possuem índices. 
  4. Arquivos usados: Alguns arquivos são utilizados em todas as páginas, como é o caso do arquivo XOOPS.js. Você pode encontrar este arquivo na pasta "include" do seu site. Se você usa tema padrão esse arquivo é chamado em todas as páginas do seu site. Com um programa como o jsmin, você pode "minimizar" o seu tamanho. Isto pode parecer ridículo, mas num site com muito tráfego pode ajudar a carregar mais ápido. Você pode aplicar o jsmin em qualquer outro arquivo Javascript que você estiver usando, por exemplo como o jQuery ou o Prototype. Em regra geral, para arquivos Javascript, coloque esses arquivos o mais embaixo possível no código do seu tema. Você também pode aplicar esta regra para o código do Google Analytics (se você usá-lo) e para os anúncios do Google. Outro tipo de arquivo que é utilizado pelos seus sites, são as fotos. Tente reduzir o peso em Kb de suas imagens tanto quanto for possível. Se estiver trabalhando com o Photoshop exporte os arquivos para a web e tente comprimi-los tanto quanto for possível. Exatamente. O Photoshop possui no menu Arquivo a opção "Exportar para a Web". E ela não está lá a toa. Um arquivo salvo por esta opção é relativamente otimizado para ocupar menos espaço do que num simples "Salvar Como". Se você não estiver usando o Photoshop, então eu recomendo que você use o XnView (disponível no Windows e Linux). 
  5. CSS: Seu site certamente usa um arquivo CSS direcionado ao seu tema. Verifique se este arquivo não contém muitos comentários e remova-os se necessário. Coloque a chamada para os seus arquivos CSS no próprio topo do seu tema, esta é uma forma de ganhar algum tempo. Conclusão Para sites em construção é normal que tenhamos as tabelas do Banco de dados, os arquivos CSS, os javascripts e algumas configurações internas ainda não racionalizadas. Mas se você tiver acabado o site ou já tiver entregue ao seu cliente tenha em mente que as medidas aqui expostas são de suma importância. De Kb em Kb por cada requisição você economizou provavelmente perto de 1 Gb em um ano inteiro. E sabemos que nesta área kbs é dinheiro, quanto mais banda mais caro. Então utilize estas dicas para melhorar o seu site. Além de todos os benefícios que você tem os usuários do site ficarão muito mais satisfeitos com a velocidade de carregamento da página.

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After reading a topic on xoops website about how great PHPizabi script was, I was motivated to bring new look to xoops. I am not a professional designer, so I stolecopied PHPizabi's themes and modified it. Though its unethical to do so. But every time I goto xoops website I would see typical xoops themes. I think we need to bring some new techinquies and design to xoops layout.

You can watch the actual theme in work at http://www.hotxpot.com. I am also working on user profile template, I have edited some you can watch at http://www.hotxpot.com/userinfo.php?uid=2. I will submit user profile template aswell when I am done.

Please note that this theme doesn't come with perfect documentation. But I would really appreciate if our theme team would come up with sumthing kool (other than usual so what boring themes).

I still feel guilty for modifing PHPizabi's code :

You can download this file here

musicworm.de is a german music portal with a songtext database and encyclopedia.
Based on simple-xoops 0.7.8 (xoops 2.2.5), with the fullcache and seo hack. The nice free theme is from xoopsdesign.com.
happy xoopsing and regards


The new Ultrasonica.it website featuring a new custom module for Reviews and more new content is now online.
Please visit the website and send me a feedback!


This is a bug fix version of WF-Sections. Well actually this version will allow you to run WF-Sections on php5 now without any issues.

I also fixed a few other minor issues. Whether or not I do any major work is a different story.

You can download it from here.
I will release a v1 to v2 script within the next few days.


WF-Sections is considered 'OLD' now and I am ashamed to say the coding standard in this module is well below what it should be (We all have to learn somewhere) and there are better coded modules than this out there for this job. So use at your own risk :-p

WF-Channel v2.00RC

I have released this version as a RC due to the fact that this module has been totally re-written from scratch (apart from one file).

WARNING: I have changed everything regarding this module, including database tables and their fields. Before you install and use this module please make a BACKUP of the old WF-Channel TABLES and FILES.

Download from here
I have changed so much that I don't really have time to list everything. I have posted a list of important changes at the site and in the changelog.txt file.

Please can you supply feedback and bugs so we can get a bug free (as much as possible) version out.

One important change that I will mention: I have removed the ability to have pages within the Xoops mainmenu. This is due to the fact that the method used was more a hack and a resource hog. Until I find a better method to do this or Xoops adds an easier way to do this without sending Mysql queries through the roof.

Thanks in advance.

This is a security bug fix for WF-Section v1.0.1. All users of this version are strong urged to updated this module ASAP.

There is a bug in the print.php file that would allow a malious user to gain access to your website.

There is also a real bad bug that could crash a server (With PHP5) and thus we recommend that you update ASAP.

This module should run with Register globals off now.

Fixed a few other bugs:
1. Top ten articles show submitted unpublished articles.
2. Fixed Date issue in article admin area.
3. Fixed Broken file issue
and a few other bugs.
Download from Here


Tradução da news do Gijoe, autor do módulo: " Eu lancei um módulo que é capaz de fazer seu site ser mostrado com template no BD.

http://xoops.peak.ne.jp/md/mydownloads/singlefile.php?lid=99&cid=1 Aqui estão os méritos.(1) Você pode editar o tema/css via altsys (Você pode ver a diferença)

(2) CSS do tema será "templatizado" automaticamente

(3) Você pode especificar diferentes temas por blocos (claro, o bloco é duplicável)

(4) Você pode desativar a opção "Update module template .html files from themes/your theme/templates directory" quando estiver editando o tema no BD enquanto isso, aqui estão os deméritos

(1) Pode ser mais fácil/rápido editar o tema localmente

(2) O CSS pode demorar mais para aparecer

(3) Pode ser mais fácil alterar temas no theme.html
" Ainda não testei, mas parece ser uma coisa bastante interessante :D


If you design free or commercial themes for XOOPS, ThemeBot is a great place to showcase your work and be found. Hundreds of new visitors come to themebot.com daily to find templates for their website. Some of the benefits:

● ThemeBot is the only website that hosts a gallery of themes for various Content Management Systems, Forums, and Blogs in addition to standard XHTML templates. And new platforms are constantly being added. This translates into more visitors.

● It is free to have your theme featured in the gallery and new themes section.

● A high quality screenshot of your theme is created for you. New and featured themes tend to rise to the top of the gallery and attract more visitors.

● ThemeBot was built to support freelance web developers, web design firms and open source software. A 10% donation of profits is made to the open source platforms used on the site. When you submit your theme, you are casting your vote for XOOPS.

Come and visit ThemeBot.com. It is easy to get started and have your theme showcased.

XooFoo.org - Kris Productions proposes a new theme 'Wanderer' based on the theme template Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis 1.1.2 for 'Pâques' to you.
This theme is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 1.0/2.0.
You can download thz theme at this address, and visualize in action here or on there.

Concerning the various themes which I propose, I invite you to look at the code of the files CSS to discover there the multiple tips of personalization of the class. The finality being to make you progress in the realization or the adaption of themes for Xoops. For all questions (in French or English) about these topics or the Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis gauge you can go on the forum of the XooFoo.org Laboratory or Xoops France.



This is a xoops theme that I made, for www.OperatingSystemNews.com
This is a hacked theme I got from some other site and had to change lots of stuff to make work the way I wanted... this is like my first kinda Open Source product or thing I've made then put online for others to benefit from.

So enjoy it webmasters out there who may find this interesting.
Download theme @ operatingsystemnews.com

Hi, guys. I'm taka @ BCOOL.
I've just released 15 new themes in several days.
They are of course W3C valid, and complete Table-less layout full CSS themes.
I will increase the number still in several days.
Please visit my website and enjoy the theme.
demo and download : BCOOL THEME


XooFoo.org propõe-lhe 5 novos temas baseados nos modelos Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis 1.1.2. Estes temas são todos em XHTML válidos na versão 1.0 Transitional e o CS 1.0/2.0 sem outros avisos, executam os seus moldes de várias formas diferentes no momento de seu carregamento e todos estão livres para novas adaptações. Todos estão sendo colocados para a utilização da comunidade sob a licença [url=http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/fr/deed.fr]Creative Commons[/url]. Você pode fazer o download [url=http://tutos.xoofoo.org/modules/mydownloads/]neste endereço[/url], e visualiza-os em ação [url=http://xoopstestkris.free.fr/2016/]aqui[/url] ou neste outro [url=http://theme.xoofoo.org/]local[/url] a sua disposição. Mais detalhes:
Kris 124 [url=http://tutos.xoofoo.org/uploads/articles/kris124_large.jpg][img]http://tutos.xoofoo.org/uploads/articles/kris124.jpg[/img][/url] Kris 125 - Simple Orange [url=http://tutos.xoofoo.org/uploads/articles/simple_orange_large.jpg][img]http://tutos.xoofoo.org/uploads/articles/simple_orange.jpg[/img][/url] Kris 126 - Simple Blue [url=http://tutos.xoofoo.org/uploads/articles/simple_blue_large.jpg][img]http://tutos.xoofoo.org/uploads/articles/simple_blue.jpg[/img][/url] Kris 127 - Simle Green [url=http://tutos.xoofoo.org/uploads/articles/simple_green_large.jpg][img]http://tutos.xoofoo.org/uploads/articles/simple_green.jpg[/img][/url] Kris 128 - Grassy [url=http://tutos.xoofoo.org/uploads/articles/grassy_large.jpg][img]http://tutos.xoofoo.org/uploads/articles/grassy.jpg[/img][/url] Original em inglês:
Concerning the theme “Grassy”, this one is the final result of the tutoriel making it possible to learn how to carry out a theme for XOOPS starting from a template HTML which we can find on the Web. A vídeo first (in french audio only, sorry) of this tutoriel is visible on Tutos XooFoo.org. The Zip file containing the files to follow the tutoriel is downloadable on this link. For any creation of topics, modifications or explanations, you can make a request (french or english) on the forum of Labs.XooFoo or XOOPS France, after you are recorded there. To decipher the code of multiple files HTML and CSS of the template Mor.Pho.GEN.e.sis, you have a wiki which follows the versions of this reference of the architecture of a theme for Xoops. Why I work starting from Morphogenesis? because this theme template was downloaded more than 2.000 items, and becomes the reference for the creation of theme for XOOPS, and I do not see why reinvent the wheel. It is simple to adapt and associate the 'surcharge" themes, respects the standards of the W3 C, and offers very great possibilities of creation for a designer.
Traduzido by Google:
A respeito do tema “gramíneo”, este é o resultado final do tutoriel que faz o possível aprender como realizar um tema para XOOPS que parte de um HTML do molde que nós possamos encontrar na correia fotorreceptora. Um vídeo primeiramente (no áudio francês somente, pesaroso) deste tutoriel é visível em Tutos XooFoo.org. A lima de fecho de correr que contem as limas para seguir o tutoriel é downloadable nesta ligação. Para toda a criação dos tópicos, das modificações ou das explanações, você pode fazer um pedido (francês ou inglês) no forum de Labs.XooFoo ou de XOOPS France, depois que você é gravado lá. Para decifrar o código do HTML das limas do múltiplo e do CSS do molde Mor.Pho.GEN.e.sis, você tem um wiki que siga as versões desta referência da arquitetura de um tema para Xoops. Por que eu trabalho partir do Morphogenesis? porque este molde do tema downloaded mais de 2.000 artigos, e transformam-se a referência para a criação do tema para XOOPS, e eu não v porque reinvent a roda. É simples adaptar e associar temas 'do surcharge os ", respeita os padrões do W3 C, e oferece possibilidades muito grandes de criação para um desenhador.
By Kris, grande parceiro XOOPS e nosso bom amigo e colaborador também. :-) :) Obrigado Kris aqui por compatilhar mais este grande trabalho.


César Felipe ministrara uma palestra por web conferencia onde apresentará todo o potencial, flexibilidade e poder dessa fantástica ferramenta.

Programa:O Poder do XOOPS CMS - Vantagens e casos de Sucesso (parte 1)

* O que é XOOPS?
* Porque utilizá-lo?
* Vantagens sobre outros CMS / SGC
* Caso de Sucesso
* Explorando o XOOPS Comercialmente
* Comunidades como aliadas

O Poder do XOOPS CMS - instalação, configuração e administração (parte 2)

* Instalando o XOOPS
* Configurando o XOOPS
* Alterando o Thema (layouts)
* Instalando Módulos
* Maiores informações

Data: 31 de março de 2007
Horário: 15h
Carga horária: 2 horas
Investimento: gratuito
Local: Evento realizado através de áudio conferência pela Internet.


César Felipe Alves - É Estrategista de Web Marketing, Especialista em Planejamento de Web, domina variadas técnicas de Web Design e Web desenvolvimento, sócio-proprietário da agencia Komeia Interativa possui larga experiência em web e projetos utilizando XOOPS e outras aplicações PHP como Oscommerce. Ministrou palestra sobre o XOOPS em eventos organizado pela Tempo Real e em outros eventos como o SOLIVRE na FATEC em Ivaporã–PR.

Faça sua inscrição gratuitamente.
Hello Xoopers,
I just finished a new Xoops theme. I didn't publish any new theme since the last year. Wish that you will like this one.
It's a very simple theme, you can download it for free from this pages : Casafree Xoops themes.

Screenshot :

By Spacejoe, Webmaster of Casafree Maroc

Se você gostaria de ter um pequeno Clipping de noticias no seu site , alimentado pelo menos 3 vezes ao dia, mas não esta a fim de instalar um módulo leitor de feeds ou o headlines, e acha que o REC6 não atende o que deseja, aproveitei que meu provedor aumentou minha banda de 5 Giga (que eu não usava) para 25 giga, e criei 2 modos de voce inserir notícias através de um bloco (assim que tiver tempo vou criar um módulo para fazer isso).
O primeiro meio, se vc não tem problemas de banda, e se preocupa com a segurança de seus usuários, e quer impedir que qualquer código espúrio venha de sua página é o seguinte: 1 = Entre na administração de Blocos

  ou use o link http://seu endereco/modules/system/admin.php?fct=blocksadmin

2 - Crie um bloco central, centro (superior ou inferior), na parte do site que desejar (geralmente na página inicial), 3 - Coloque um título qualquer (recomendo Noticias de segurança), 4 - Cole o seguinte código :
 $handle = fopen ("http://www.derwood.eti.br/uploads/teste.txt", "r");
 while (!feof ($handle)) {
  $buffer = fgetss($handle, 4096,"

"); echo $buffer; } fclose ($handle); 5 - Habilite para script PHP 6 - Não esqueça de liberar o bloco para os visitantes Esta solução envolve apenas noticias de segurança, e como voce pôde ver foi usada a função FGETSS(), que bloqueia as TAGS HTML, com apenas algumas TAGS liberadas... A segunda solução é muito parecida, mas usa Java Scripts, e roda no browser do usuário (te poupando da banda gasta em lêr o arquivo e enviar para o usuário).. Siga os mesmos passos anteriores até o item 3 (mudando apenas o título para Noticias) , 4 - Cole o seguite código para notícias de segurança :


ou este para noticia de TI em geral :


depois siga os passos seguintes Pronto , voce pode ter uma ideia de como ficará clicando no link a seguir: http://www.derwood.eti.br/modules/dicinfo/ Aproveite e se quiser faça o download do módulo do Dicionário de Informática... Aceito críticas e sugestões pelo email admin@derwood.eti.br

XooFoo.org proposes 5 new topics to you based on the theme template Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis 1.1.2.
These themes all are valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CS 1.0/2.0 without the least warning, they are carried out starting from various templates existing in free remote loading.They are placed at the disposal of the community under the licence Creative Commons.
You can download them at this adress, and visualize them in action here or on there.

Kris 124

Kris 125 - Simple Orange

Kris 126 - Simple Blue

Kris 127 - Simle Green

Kris 128 - Grassy

Concerning the theme ├ó┬Ç┬£Grassy├ó┬Ç┬Ø, this one is the final result of the tutoriel making it possible to learn how to carry out a theme for Xoops starting from a template HTML which we can find on the Web.
A video first (in french audio only, sorry) of this tutoriel is visible on Tutos XooFoo.org. The Zip file containing the files to follow the tutoriel is downloadable on this link. For any creation of topics, modifications or explanations, you can make a request (french or english) on the forum of Labs.XooFoo or Xoops France, after you are recorded there.
To decipher the code of multiple files HTML and CSS of the template Mor.Pho.GEN.e.sis, you have a wiki which follows the versions of this reference of the architecture of a theme for Xoops.
Why I work starting from Morphogenesis? because this theme template was downloaded more than 2.000 items, and becomes the reference for the creation of theme for xoops, and I do not see why reinvent the wheel.
It is simple to adapt and associate the 'surcharge' themes, respects the standards of the W3 C, and offers very great possibilities of creation for a designer.