Yogurt Social Network 2.9 BETA


This is a beta version not recommended for production sites!!!
You have been warned!!!

Yogurt Social Network version 2.9
By Marcello Brandão
Yogurt by Marcello Brandão is licensed under a Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 Brazil.

This module features a simple Social Network for your xoops site.
Very recommended for comunities sites. It allows users to have a personal album of pictures, a personal album of videos from youtube, a list of friends, a public wall for messages(scraps) ,to create communities (tribes), to adjust configs to set who can see what, it also allows admins to block users from using the site for a certain amount of time.
The use of the module is very simple and the front end is clean and beatifull thanks to the lightbox2 feature and to jquery tabs.

The XOOPS Project http://www.xoops.org,
JQuery Lightbox2 http://leandrovieira.com/projects/jquery/lightbox/,
Jquery Tabs http://stilbuero.de/jquery/tabs/,
Komeia http://www.komeia.comKevin Richards http://www.royalwelshveterans.co.uk/
Contributors information
Marcello Brandão

Mowafak http://www.arabxoops.comLuix (xoops.net.br)
BoOot (xoops.net.br)
Rodrigo (komeia)
C├â┬®sar Felipe (komeia)
and many others at www.marcellobrandao.eti.br

Wizanda (english)
Daniel Woo (simplified chinese)
Werner Feichtlbauer (german)
Francesco (italian)
Erik Philippe (french)

----------------------------http://www.marcellobrandao.eti.brhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/galeriayogurtEmail marcello dot brandao at gmail dot com

Module Development details
Release date 2007-11-26
Status Beta

Official support site
xoops.net.br in portuguese
xoops.org in englishhttp://www.marcellobrandao.eti.br in any languagehttp://sourceforge.net/projects/galeriayogurt in any language


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